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Building Character

Posted by Josh Klint, 11 July 2014 · 452 views

My goal with Leadwerks 3 has always been to give the people what they need to make playable games.  What they really need.  Creative projects are interesting because it's easy to get derailed.  You can lose interest in an idea, or you might avoid a critical problem you don't know how to solve, and instead spend time doing fun little things...


Workshop is out!

Posted by Josh Klint, 19 June 2014 · 305 views

After an extended period of testing, the Leadwerks Workshop on Steam is now available.  I'm really happy about this because it fundamentally changes the way we work together.  Content authors have more of a sense of "ownership" of their items, and it's easy for them to get feedback and update their subscribers.  More features are always...


A Week in Seattle: Steam VR, Gas Works, and the Strawberry Moon

Posted by Josh Klint, 16 June 2014 · 367 views

Last week I travelled to Seattle for a few days to lay some groundwork for the future of Leadwerks Software.  During the week I tried out Valve's VR hardware, visited a gassification plant, and survived a trifecta of astrological phenomenon.

Steam VR

Although I attended Steam Dev Days, I did not get a chance to demo Valve's virtual reality...


Werkspace Banners are Back

Posted by Josh Klint, 16 June 2014 · 331 views

I'm pleased to announce the return of the much-beloved header banners.  They now scale across the width of the page, similar to the profile images on Twitter and Google+.

To add a banner image of your own, click the ]submit a banner link in the site footer.  I recommend JPEG images with a...


Bonus update is now available!

Posted by Josh Klint, 09 June 2014 · 510 views

Wow, two updates in two days!  This one adds new features and bug...


From Cartography Shop to Leadwerks 3.1

Posted by Josh Klint, 08 June 2014 · 356 views

This is just a little walk down memory lane that pleasantly shows what has led to where we are today.  Some of this predates the name "Leadwerks" entirely.

Cartography Shop (2003)

3D World Studio (2004)

Leadwerks Game Engine 2...


New build provides texture lock, improved tex mapping

Posted by Josh Klint, 08 June 2014 · 296 views

A new build has been pushed out on the beta branch on Steam.  This update increments the map file format.  Maps saved from the beta build cannot be opened in the standalone build until the update goes out everywhere.

The editor now has the option to use a centimeter grid.  The previous meter-based grid is still available in the viewport tab in the options...


CSG Texturing Enhancements

Posted by Josh Klint, 04 June 2014 · 374 views

In order to get ready for the Workshop, and to get ready to implement texture locking, some preliminary work needed to be done.  First, I needed to improve the CSG texture mapping routine.  It was modified to take into account a texture's dimensions.  This means that wide flat textures like this trim piece will be mapped to their texel area, not with...


Diving into Constructive Solid Modeling

Posted by Josh Klint, 02 June 2014 · 371 views

It's pretty clear that constructive solid geometry modeling is a high priority for our community.  I like being able to easily sketch out my ideas.  In fact, when this feature went away in Leadwerks 2, that was when I just stopped making game levels.  It's not that I don't know how to use 3ds Max and other programs, it's just that...


Building maps with modular props

Posted by Josh Klint, 01 June 2014 · 635 views

Building maps with modular props The beta branch on Steam is updated with a new build.

Fixes and Enhancements

The camera movement options have been made more sane.  The range of possible values is a little more practical now.  A mouse smoothing option has been added that makes the camera motion in the perspective viewport feel a lot more smooth and natural.  I also found a bug that...

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