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Leadwerks 3.3 Beta now available on beta branch

Posted by Josh Klint, 21 October 2014 · 57 views

The beta of Leadwerks 3.3 is now available on the beta branch on Steam.

Two new entity classes that extend the model class are present.  Sprites are a quad that can face the camera, a specific direction, or can rotate around one axis.  These are useful for lighting effects and the axis rotation is great for making laser beams or tracer rounds.



Workshop Design

Posted by Josh Klint, 19 October 2014 · 290 views

The Workshop system is a great way to share content, but I've come across some limitations.  Most of these have to do with the use a "virtual" file system (using Workshop package IDs).
Scripts and shaders can't be debugged because these systems expect a file path.  With Workshop files, there is a file name and an ID number.  This...


What's Coming in Leadwerks 3.3

Posted by Josh Klint, 19 October 2014 · 262 views

Here are some of the features coming in Leadwerks 3.3 before Christmas:
Realistic vehicle simulation with gearbox, Ackermann steering, and gear ratios.
Sprites with billboard and "rotate around axis" view modes.  (Great for laser beams!)
Lens flares.
Shift + drag to select.
Shaders and scripts more usable in Workshop, with...


Game Scripting is Hard

Posted by Josh Klint, 17 October 2014 · 422 views

As I finish up the FPS Weapons Pack, I am struck by just how much work it takes to build a game, beyond the engine programming.  I wrote Leadwerks, and it still took me several days to script the behavior of these weapons.  I also had the advantage of being able to add new entity classes, as I needed two new entity types to complete the task: LensFlares and...


Low-level vs. high-level

Posted by Josh Klint, 14 October 2014 · 374 views

The Leadwerks community tends to be a pretty mature, technically astute one.  This is great because it's easy to get good feedback and help, but we do tend to suffer from a tendency to focus on low-level details. This can cause problems with it delays projects, sometimes infinitely.  If all we do is keep reinventing the wheel we'll never get to the...


Early access to some 3.3 features

Posted by Josh Klint, 09 October 2014 · 317 views

A launch option has been added to Leadwerks on Steam that allows you to launch the Leadwerks Game Player outside of the editor.  When you launch Leadwerks Game Engine from Steam, a dialog box appears and lets you choose whether to run the editor or the Leadwerks Game Player.  (If you just launch the app from a desktop or start menu shortcut, the editor is...


Weapon switching logic

Posted by Josh Klint, 01 October 2014 · 306 views

I'm working to add weapon switching to the player script.  A weapon in the map consists of two important parts.  First, you need a pickup weapon that tells the player they have a certain item.  Second, you need the visual weapon that is displayed onscreen, along with the various settings that make that weapon unique.

It's a simple thing to program,...


FPS Weapons Pack on the way

Posted by Josh Klint, 29 September 2014 · 390 views

Based on the excellent sales of the SciFi Interior Model Pack, I was able to get a deal to sell a new pack of high-quality first-person weapons.  The following items are included:
  • Pistol
  • Combat shotgun
  • MP5 Machne Gun
  • M4 Rifle
  • Grenade
  • Machete

Weapons are included as...


My Game Entry

Posted by Josh Klint, 16 September 2014 · 321 views

Since it's not a competition, I'm actually going to enter the game tournament and publish a simple game to the Workshop.  The game will be a third-person corridor space shooter like Starfox in which you simply shoot and dodge meteors.  There are two types of meteors flying at you; red ones can be shot, whereupon they break into smaller pieces that...


Workshop Remixes

Posted by Josh Klint, 12 September 2014 · 359 views

Here's an example of something called "derivative works" which is something the Leadwerks Workshop on Steam allows us to do.

Shadmar uploaded a model from Leadwerks 2 and added some special effects to it in the Workshop here:

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