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Vegetation Research - Pt 2

Posted by Josh Klint, 04 July 2015 · 79 views

The Leadwerks 2 vegetation system used a grid of "cells" that each contained a quantity of vegetation instances.  If the cell was close enough, each instance was checked against the camera frustum like a regular entity and then all visible instances were rendered in a batch.  Cells that were further away were collapsed into a single surface...


Vegetation Research

Posted by Josh Klint, 01 July 2015 · 274 views

The Leadwerks 3 vegetation system is being designed to side-step the bottlenecks that limited the Leadwerks 2 vegetation system.  The Leadwerks 2 system involved large collections of 4x4 matrices for each instance, resulting in hundreds of megs of data stored with the map.  Eliminating this data results in small map sizes and reduction of memory...


The PC is changing

Posted by Josh Klint, 29 June 2015 · 321 views

PC towers have been about the same since they became popular in the 1990's, replacing the previous horizontal form factor:

Cases have gone from beige to black, but very little else has changed.

PC towers tend to be designed for the old ATX style motherboards,...



Posted by Josh Klint, 26 June 2015 · 423 views

There's basically two kinds of vegetation, trees and grass.

Grass is plentiful, ubiquitous, dense, but can only be seen at a near distance.  Its placement is haphazard and unimportant.  It typically does not have any collision.  ("Grass" includes any small plants, bushes, rocks, and other debris.)

Trees are fewer in number, larger, and can...


Reflections on the Steam Summer Sale

Posted by Josh Klint, 25 June 2015 · 267 views

It's been an eventful first half of 2015, and the second half promises to be just as exciting.  I'm happy to say the Steam summer sale was a big success.  I haven't done the calculation yet, but this year's sale did a lot more than last year, and we keep adding more and more new users.  So that makes me feel very good about the...


Beta update: Submitting curated Workshop items

Posted by Josh Klint, 24 June 2015 · 408 views

An update is available on the beta branch with the following changes:
Implemented "CollisionMesh"-named limbs in models.
Added "Strip vertex colors" option in model editor.
Workshop items can now be submitted as free or curated paid items, although no mechanism is in place yet to actually purchase...


Summer props now available

Posted by Josh Klint, 19 June 2015 · 225 views

To help with your games in the Summer Games Tournament, Rich DiGiovanni has created a fun set of summer-themed models, including a beautiful sandy terrain texture for laxing out at the beach.

You can install this pack free from the Leadwerks...


Resizable Viewports on Linux

Posted by Josh Klint, 14 June 2015 · 288 views

The beta branch has been updated with experimental support for resizable viewports on Linux, including an option to switch to a single viewport.  The object bar buttons have also been fixed to display tool tips properly.

You can try this now by opting into the beta branch on Steam.  Let me know what you think.


Leadwerks Game Launcher release date set

Posted by Josh Klint, 12 June 2015 · 373 views

I've set the release date for Leadwerks Game Launcher to Tuesday, July 21, right after the...


Plans In Motion

Posted by Josh Klint, 10 June 2015 · 388 views

Plans In Motion About a year ago, before I even had my cool hat, I wrote a blog post called What's the Big Idea? that talked about some big-picture ideas about where Leadwerks is going:
We're going to build Leadwerks into a series of educational materials and services that...

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