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Workshop Store picking up steam

Posted by Josh Klint, 25 August 2016 · 131 views

Over the recent months the Leadwerks Workshop Store has experienced a noticeable increase in sales, correlating to an increased number of products offered.  Although Workshop Store sales are quite a bit lower than DLC sales, the Workshop Store is more scaleable because it allows third parties to submit a greater variety of products.

We're also able to...


Beta update available

Posted by Josh Klint, 15 August 2016 · 460 views

A new build is available on the beta branch on Steam.  This updates everything, C++ and Linux included.

A bug where the editor skipped navmesh calculation on brushes is fixed.

We're updated to the latest version of the Steamworks SDK, which may fix some Workshop upload and download issues.

Animation now calculates more than twice as fast as...


Game Launcher final release

Posted by Josh Klint, 14 August 2016 · 215 views

We're up to 81 games in Steam Workshop now, and I expect we'll see quite a few more released before the end of the tournament.  Some of the stuff this tournament especially is really good, so it's not too soon to start thinking about the final release of game launcher...


Game Launcher Updated

Posted by Josh Klint, 12 August 2016 · 207 views

The beta branch of Leadwerks Game Launcher on Steam is now using Leadwerks GUI.  You can try it out now for free here:


Initial Thoughts on VR

Posted by Josh Klint, 12 August 2016 · 326 views

So I've been using Valve's VR technology quite a while before the HTC Vive was released, but I only recently picked up the final consumer version.  Here are my thoughts on VR games.

First, VR games are completely...


Game Launcher Custom Widget

Posted by Josh Klint, 09 August 2016 · 282 views

As described previously, I decided to create a custom widget script to replace the game launcher's HTML panel.  The results are already looking awesome!  The UI looks really slick.  It's great to see this idea come to life in such a striking and attractive manner.

What's really cool is the OS drawing commands are being used, so the games...


Making game launcher work offline

Posted by Josh Klint, 09 August 2016 · 153 views

I've got the Steamworks HTML renderer working with Leadwerks GUI now.  The current build on Steam uses the Windows HTML renderer, which is part of IE.  This isn't cross-platform, which is one reason why game launcher isn't available for Linux right now.  The Chromium-based Steamworks HTML renderer is cross-platform but there are some...



Posted by Josh Klint, 08 August 2016 · 243 views

When the new Window::Embedded style is used in the window creation function, the window will appear as a panel, as part of the parent window.  The black region here is an embedded window parented to the main window.  (The tabber and other panels and controls are all just Leadwerks objects; Windows doesn't recognize them or know they're there, as...


Leadwerks MaxGUI Driver

Posted by Josh Klint, 06 August 2016 · 351 views

MaxGUI is an abstracted GUI system for the BlitzMax programming language.  This allows Windows, Mac, and Linux native UIs to be created using the same code.  The LeadwerksMaxGUIDriver module integrates Leadwerks GUI so that existing programs can be recompiled using our new UI system.  Here's the first shot of it working in an actual existing...


Text Area Widget

Posted by Josh Klint, 05 August 2016 · 243 views

The text area widget is now available on the beta branch on Steam, for Windows and Lua only at this time.

The text area is a read-only widget at this time.  However, the text is all selectable, and in the future will be able to be copied to the clipboard.  This widget creates two scroll bars which appear only when needed, for horizontal and vertical...

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