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3.5 release candidate available

Posted by Josh Klint, 03 May 2015 · 168 views

An update is available which is a release candidate for version 3.5.  Version 3.5 adds carve and hollow CSG operations, an improved project template system, and customizable filters for scene objects.  In this update I reverted the group selection behavior to the same way it works in 3.4, and decided to hold off on adding an extra grouping feature.  I...


Using Visual Studio Code with Leadwerks

Posted by Josh Klint, 01 May 2015 · 209 views

Microsoft has released a cross-platform code editor called "Visual Studio Code".  It's just a lightweight text editor like Notepad++.  You can get it here for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Although the editor is focused on web development it actually does support Lua syntax highlighting.  If you are...


Game Launcher taking shape

Posted by Josh Klint, 23 April 2015 · 343 views

Aesthetics are important in a consumer-facing product like this.  Your games should have the best possible presentation to the end user.  With that in mind, I've revised the Game Launcher interface to be more content-focused.  The same interface will be available on our site, and launching a game works exactly the same either way.

The program log has...


Why No One Wants to Play Your Demo

Posted by Josh Klint, 17 April 2015 · 713 views

I think of the user experience funnel of Leadwerks like this:
Learn > Build > Publish

The first step is to learn how to use the software.  Although I think we do a good job of making the tools intuitive and easy to use, the documentation could be better organized, which is why Jorn is revamping it all with a top-down approach.

The second step...


Game Player Preview

Posted by Josh Klint, 07 April 2015 · 293 views

Here is a preview of what the Leadwerks Game Player Workshop looks like.  A rotating banner shows the top games, like a mini-Steam within Steam.  The difference is this distribution channel has no restrictions on when you can publish your game, and you can deploy games to all supported systems, including SteamOS, without having to actually compile on those...



Posted by Josh Klint, 26 March 2015 · 810 views

Jorn Theunissen has been hired on a part-time basis to help design a new set of documentation for Leadwerks.  We're taking a top-down approach whereby he designs an outline that encompasses everything you need to know, assuming the reader starts with zero knowledge.  The goal is to explain everything in one set of information, down to the level of...


Further refinement of physics shapes

Posted by Josh Klint, 22 March 2015 · 420 views

I added more options in the model editor for single convex hulls, polymesh, and no collision.  Also changed the physics render mode to wireframe so it's easier to see the physics and visual geometry together:

This makes it easier than ever to enable collision on a model, and it works better with the navmesh...


Cleaning up physics shapes

Posted by Josh Klint, 21 March 2015 · 349 views

Before Leadwerks 3 existed, Leadwerks 2 used a little tool called "Phygen" to generate collision shape files for 3D models:

The user would input the parameters and then save that file with the same name as the model it was to be associated with, with the PHY file extension.  This was not a...


Project Templates

Posted by Josh Klint, 21 March 2015 · 247 views

The project templates system is being revised.  Project templates are going to be oriented around game types rather than programming languages.

Picture is worth 1000 words:

If you have the standard edition, the common project files will still include the C++ files, so any new project you create will be usable in C++.


Improving the Publish Game Dialog

Posted by Josh Klint, 17 March 2015 · 486 views

Leadwerks 3.4 (now coming up to 3.5) has retained the core design philosophy from it's inception with Leadwerks 3.0 of easy level design and simple Lua scripting, but has changed quite a lot in other ways.
Publishing of games to Steam Workshop wasn't even a thought until Leadwerks came to Steam in January 2014.  Consequently, the current publishing...

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