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Game Launcher beta support for SteamOS

Posted by Josh Klint, 19 November 2015 · 217 views

Leadwerks Game Launcher now works with SteamOS, with some caveats.

First, you must set the application to use the "Official Bindings" controller configuration by Leadwerks Software.

When you start Leadwerks Game Launcher on SteamOS, a page of available games will be shown.  Click on the game you want to play.  The game will be shown on a new...


Steam Machines are Here

Posted by Josh Klint, 18 November 2015 · 214 views

I went into GameStop and purchased a new Alienware Steam Machine for testing.  They had a nice display showing all the new Steam stuff you can buy in stores.


Character Development Update

Posted by Josh Klint, 18 November 2015 · 198 views



Vegetation Interaction

Posted by Josh Klint, 17 November 2015 · 351 views

This video shows the player interacting with vegetation objects.  Vegetation objects are special because they aren't stored in memory at all, but instead are dynamically generated in real-time according to a special algorithm!  You can have infinitely dense forests without using any memory.


Building the game launcher user base

Posted by Josh Klint, 09 November 2015 · 410 views

We've now got 40 games in Leadwerks Game Launcher and I am giving serious thought to the final launch.  The application is presently in early release mode with about 2500 users.  We want that number to be 100,000 users.  Leadwerks Game Launcher is a really unique application; it's distributed exclusively through Steam, it's a standalone app, and...


Vegetation Demo

Posted by Josh Klint, 04 November 2015 · 731 views

I'm really happy to see all the great and scary games coming out for the Halloween Game Tournament.  I have something of my own to share with you.

The Leadwerks 3 vegetation system is a groundbreaking new technology.  All vegetation instances are procedural and dynamically...


Game Launcher Release Schedule

Posted by Josh Klint, 28 October 2015 · 232 views

Based on the results of the summer games tournament, we can expect each new tournament to produce about 10 games:

Right now we're at 35, which...


Beta Update Available

Posted by Josh Klint, 27 October 2015 · 269 views

Leadwerks Editor has been updated to use version 1.35 of the Steamworks library.  It also features Workshop improvements that eliminate the need for a local file cache in the app data folder, and should result in more reliable Workshop item downloads.

The update is available now on the beta branch, for Linux and Windows.


Game Launcher Update

Posted by Josh Klint, 27 October 2015 · 226 views

Steam Workshop was originally implemented with a different design than what it uses now.  In fact, it was an entirely different API.  After a while, Valve figured out all the things it would be used for, and introduced the SteamUGC API, which is the basis of the modern Workshop implementation.  This provides much more reliable operations and more features...


Official Steam Controller Bindings

Posted by Josh Klint, 26 October 2015 · 330 views

A default Steam controller configuration has been created for Leadwerks Game Engine and Leadwerks Game Launcher.  It is recommended that you use the keys listed here for controlling your games.  This will ensure that your game can be played seamlessly with either a keyboard or Steam controller.

WASD: Movement
Left shift: Run

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