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Top Sellers in the Leadwerks Workshop Store

Posted by Josh Klint, 23 September 2016 · 333 views

These are the top-ten top grossing items in the Leadwerks Workshop Store over the last three months:
  • Nature Model Pack
  • SciFi Materials 1
  • Modern Sewer Construction Kit
  • Zombie Action Figures
  • Old Furniture Pack
  • SciFi Materials 5
  • Mercenary Action Figure
  • Morgue
  • Strike Troop
  • The Stalker

First of all, we can see that...


Leadwerks Game Launcher on Linux

Posted by Josh Klint, 07 September 2016 · 322 views

If you opt into the beta branch of Leadwerks Game Launcher on Steam, you can now try the application out on Linux, using the new LeadwerksGUI user interface.

LeadwerksGUI is a cross-platform GUI library that features DPI scaling for any resolution, supporting 4K and retina...


Rendering Text on Linux with Xft

Posted by Josh Klint, 06 September 2016 · 305 views

Diving into the innermost workings of the Linux operating system is a pretty interesting challenge.  Pretty much nobody nowadays implements anything with raw X11 anymore.  They use QT, SDL, or for drawing Cairo, with Pango for text rendering.  The thing is, all of these libraries use X11 as the backend.  I need full control and understanding over what my...


Preparing Leadwerks for the Future

Posted by Josh Klint, 06 September 2016 · 408 views

In this blog I am going to explain my overarching plan to bring Leadwerks into the future and build our community.

First, regarding technology, I believe VR is the future.  VR right now is basically where mobile was in 2006.  The big publishers won't touch it and indies have a small but enthusiastic market they can target without fear of competition...


A first look at Leadwerks GUI on Linux

Posted by Josh Klint, 05 September 2016 · 231 views

Below you can see LeadwerksGUI running nicely on Ubuntu.  Once we get through the window and event code, the GUI code acts exactly the same on Linux and Windows.  The behavior of the widgets is reliable and double-buffered rendering makes the appearance perfectly solid.  Image loading is not working yet, but you can see the vector graphics are working...


Writing the Treeview Widget

Posted by Josh Klint, 31 August 2016 · 259 views

I've begun a Lua script for a Treeview widget.  This is arguably one of the most complex widgets to implement, but after having done this in another language I have a design that I think is pretty simple.  The script sorts all tree view nodes into a linear list-like table so that they can be drawn quickly.  Like other widgets, the script will calculate...


Resolution Independence

Posted by Josh Klint, 30 August 2016 · 370 views

I figured out how to make our GUI resolution-independent so that the existing editor code will correctly create items with the same proportions.  This was very difficult, and it works really well!  Some images aren't scaled here, but the important thing is the existing code is working the same, with no changes.

When the GUI is scaled to 200%, the...


Workshop Store picking up steam

Posted by Josh Klint, 25 August 2016 · 283 views

Over the recent months the Leadwerks Workshop Store has experienced a noticeable increase in sales, correlating to an increased number of products offered.  Although Workshop Store sales are quite a bit lower than DLC sales, the Workshop Store is more scaleable because it allows third parties to submit a greater variety of products.

We're also able to...


Beta update available

Posted by Josh Klint, 15 August 2016 · 582 views

A new build is available on the beta branch on Steam.  This updates everything, C++ and Linux included.

A bug where the editor skipped navmesh calculation on brushes is fixed.

We're updated to the latest version of the Steamworks SDK, which may fix some Workshop upload and download issues.

Animation now calculates more than twice as fast as...


Game Launcher final release

Posted by Josh Klint, 14 August 2016 · 266 views

We're up to 81 games in Steam Workshop now, and I expect we'll see quite a few more released before the end of the tournament.  Some of the stuff this tournament especially is really good, so it's not too soon to start thinking about the final release of game launcher...

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