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Let's get this vegetation party started

Posted by Josh Klint, 02 September 2015 · 119 views

An update is now available on the beta branch which fixes the alt+tab problem.  This works by skipping rendering when a window is minimized, since the Win32 command GetClientRect() returns a size of zero when windows are minimized.

Now I am on to the highly anticipated Leadwerks 3 vegetation system.  I previously wrote about some research I was performing...


Game Launcher Review

Posted by Josh Klint, 31 August 2015 · 292 views

Leadwerks Game Launcher was released last week as a free early access title.  This means the release did not appear on the Steam new releases list, and its visibility is very low on Steam, unless someone is specifically looking for it.  The final "real" release will see a period of high...


Get a good game logo for $15

Posted by Josh Klint, 24 August 2015 · 349 views

Your game's logo is its identity, the first thing people see that they associate with your game.  This is the first step in the sales funnel, and if you have a bad logo it turns people off from even trying the game.  Fortunately, getting a decent logo isn't hard with Fiverr.com.  There are many...


Game Launcher thoughts

Posted by Josh Klint, 22 August 2015 · 372 views

I'm very excited about Leadwerks Game Launcher.  I think it's going to be very beneficial.  I noticed a change as soon as I showed people the store page for it.  Connecting game developers with an audience solves a very big problem.  My goal is to bring you 10,000 players for your games and create a sort of "incubator" for your...


Tips for Launching Your Game on Steam

Posted by Josh Klint, 21 August 2015 · 218 views

I thought I would take a minute to write down some of the things I have learned about releasing software on Steam, in order to help with your game releases.

First of all, always wait a week after you are "finished" to release a major update.  This is because you will always find little problems, and sometimes major ones, after you think...


Final details on decals

Posted by Josh Klint, 20 August 2015 · 273 views

I'm doing what I think is the final 3.6 build now.  I've got the finished decal textures from Rich, and I made some small adjustments to the way these work.

During development, I was not a fan of the "Decal Mode" material setting.  It's terribly confusing, and it's unrealistic to expect that everyone is going to adjust all their...



Posted by Josh Klint, 20 August 2015 · 340 views

Here are some of the things from my childhood that I still find weirdly fascinating.  Bringing that same feeling into Leadwerks is something I have long driven towards.  More on that later.


Small Fixes

Posted by Josh Klint, 19 August 2015 · 216 views

  • Most entity types will start with collision type=0 now.
  • Fix so collidable emitter particles won't collide with the emitter itself anymore.
  • Added lens flares to lighting prefabs in showcase map.
  • Added bloom to showcase map.
  • Modified the way the Flicker effect script works.


3.6 Final Touches Update

Posted by Josh Klint, 18 August 2015 · 295 views

I rolled Newton Dynamics back to the version we were previously using due to some strange behavior.  We're not utilizing any new behavior yet, and I don't want to spend time debugging it right now, so from your perspective it makes no difference.

Also added a check to prevent textures from reloading when they are bound to a buffer.

This update is...


Getting ready for Game Launcher release

Posted by Josh Klint, 17 August 2015 · 241 views

Leadwerks Game Launcher is now marked as "Ready for Review" by Valve and scheduled for release Monday, August 24.  I decided to allow one week for final testing of Leadwerks Game Engine 3.6, which will be released at the same time (and to try to get a few more games in before the release).  The application will be released as a free "early...

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