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Posted by Josh Klint, 06 January 2017 · 0 views

A new update is available on the beta branch on Steam.  I've merged the OpenGL2 and OpenGL4 graphics driver classes into a new class called simply "OpenGLGraphicsDriver".  Everything should work, but let me know if you find any behavior changes between 4.2 and this new beta.

OGG support has also been added, thanks to MartyJ's help.  The following header search paths must be added to C++ projects:
  • ..\..\Source\Libraries\libogg\include
  • ..\..\Source\Libraries\\libvorbis\include
  • ..\..\Source\Libraries\\libvorbis\lib

FYI, the selection widget is not appearing in the editor in this build. :D
At first I thought my game froze.

Start ogg load: 3,737,638 bytes
Loading sound "C:/Users../Music/journey forward_looped.ogg..."
End ogg load  : 29.416 seconds
Start ogg load: 7,048,740 bytes
Loading sound "C:/Users...Music/Glowsphere.ogg..."
End ogg load  : 87.434 seconds
Want to post the file?
I'll PM the ogg file link.
For lua version can ogg files be used or is this only for c++ version?

xtom, on 07 January 2017 - 07:21 PM, said:

For lua version can ogg files be used or is this only for c++ version?

I'm using lua.
Okay, cool, I got the load time down to 1.1 seconds with the first file you sent.

Marty left a note in his code that Bank::Resize() was slow (it is) and I found a way around it:

So I ended up making a list of small banks, and then resizing the main one once and copying each bank's contents to it.
Loads fast now. Good job!

4,401,121 byte
0.974 seconds

When will the launcher be updated for ogg?
Yes - can confirm. Previous ogg file was 1.3 MB and it took almost 11 seconds to load and now it takes 0.24 seconds. Comparatively the 16MB wav version of the same file takes 0.4 seconds.
Everything has been updated.  OGG files load fast and editor movement widget now shows.
Runs fine in the editor but running the standalone gives me "Error: Bankstream overrun error" trying load any ogg.

Game runs in the launcher but ogg doesn't play.
Can confirm, ogg sounds do not play in the launcher.
The launcher has not been updated with the beta executable.
Well... :)

Josh Klint, on 07 January 2017 - 11:15 PM, said:

Everything has been updated.
On the beta branch!
OGG support.. excellent Christmas gift. Thanks Josh.

Olby, on 08 January 2017 - 11:32 PM, said:

OGG support.. excellent Christmas gift. Thanks Josh.
Thank MartyJ, he's the one who contributed the code!
Now i have this error message trying load an ogg file, that before this update i was able to load with my lib:
"Corrupt or missing data in bitstream;  continuing..."

And long load time, more than 4 sec...


Web https://svn.xiph.org/trunk/vorbis/examples/decoder_example.c

int result=ogg_sync_pageout(&oy,&og);
if(result<0){ fprintf(stderr,"Corrupt or missing data in bitstream; continuing...\n");
then at https://xiph.org/ogg/doc/libogg/ogg_sync_pageout.html
Returned value:
-1 returned if stream has not yet captured sync (bytes were skipped).
I converted two wav music files to ogg and they work fine when running game from the editor but when publish standalone the game loads and then silently closes.

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