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(Re-)Designing the Game

Posted by Slastraf, 12 July 2016 · 339 views
Game Design, Game Art and 4 more...
A year has passed, time for an other update.
Exspecially in the last weeks, I have been thinking and working onmy Game for long hours.
yay !
A Video from exactly a year ago shows the early Game functions which no longer will be as they are in the final game, unfortunately. (Youtube: Slastraf)
Today I am focusing on Game Art, not as much as -programming...


Gamedev Blog #1

Posted by Slastraf, 05 February 2016 · 270 views
Leadwerks, The, Shadowed, Haven and 1 more...

In the above Youtube link you can see my Blog entry as a video.
Its a Blender timelapse of an Ingame device that lets you travel quickly on long distances.


Making a Character for my RPG game

Posted by Slastraf, 27 January 2016 · 543 views
Character, Creation, RPG
Making a Character for my RPG game This is a rigged model without textures.

In the next time I will texture it and make some basic animations for it.

There is going to be a system in the game that lets you equip stuff , for example body armour


Shore of the red dead #1

Posted by Slastraf, 12 July 2015 · 727 views
Mars, Survival
Shore of the red dead #1 I have made this Blog in a Video.
Feel free to check it out


What's in a quest?

Posted by Slastraf, 10 April 2015 · 628 views
3D, RPG, LEADWERKS, roleplay
"To give you an idea of the character interaction, this special feature will highlight a few parts of a minor subquest.
All of you who’ve played a role-playing game are familiar with the standard retrieve item-receive reward type of quest.
There’s nothing wrong with those, and as a matter of fact, they are very useful for introducing a player...


What's inside the screen?

Posted by Slastraf, 10 April 2015 · 430 views
Game, Rpg, Roleplay, 3d
Only rare 3D map and character moving (for now)
Maybe I have started this blog too soon, but I want to share my ideas . (also I am a bit bored Posted Image )
If you want to build something similar like this in your game, please do that .

Whats inside the Screen (items with...

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