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Reorganizing and Defragmenting

Posted by reepblue, 27 October 2016 · 195 views

After I've returned from Steam Dev Days, I caught a terrible cold, so my first week home was unproductive when it came to LEX or Blue Portals. But besides that, I had a great time! I mentioned briefly in my last blog post before I went that I was giving LEX some...


Quick Update

Posted by reepblue, 08 October 2016 · 259 views

Very happy on how everything is coming along. Blue Portals: Anniversary Edition development is going a tad slower than I wanted it too, but it's coming along nicely. We've finally shipped that teaser trailer in late August, and the mod made even more progress since. We just got some...


Reflections on Crawler's Den.

Posted by reepblue, 22 August 2016 · 418 views

Crawler's Den is a demo I made for the Summer Games Tournament this year. You can grab it here. This blog I'd like to share my reflections on developing the project on LEX2 and Leadwerks in general.

When I started the project, my template had no animation manger, and the...


From C++, To Lua, to C++ Again!

Posted by reepblue, 27 July 2016 · 372 views

I've started on my quest to make a full C++ has started today. I've noticed that LEX2 via the project manager didn't copy over as clean as it should, so I had to make the project from scratch which wasn't a big deal (for me). I should look into a way of getting that fixed.

After setting the project up, I noticed a few errors I was getting...


Status Report

Posted by reepblue, 26 July 2016 · 416 views

I wanted to give you an update since this blog post and let you know how well (or not) I'm following those plans.

Blue Portals: Anniversary Edition (Skip this if you don't care..)

Sunday I pushed a long over due push to...


Lua or C++?

Posted by reepblue, 20 July 2016 · 477 views

Through out the Leadwerks community you'll find two types of users. You'll find a large portion of the community using lua, and a small dosage of them using C++. This makes sense as people are more often going to purchase Leadwerks without any DLCs (including the Professional Edition), and get into developing. From experience, Leadwerks at the...


Battle Plans For 2016!

Posted by reepblue, 30 May 2016 · 517 views

It's been over a year ago since I've released the Vectronic Demo using Leadwerks. The demo was composed of assets I've made ported from the Source Engine and my lack of understanding of the API and lua scripting at the time. (I'm used to coding...


LEX2 Evaluation Demo

Posted by reepblue, 23 May 2016 · 543 views

For the past few months, (on top of working on my greenlit mod) I've been developing a new foundation for Vectronic that will take care of all the 'internal yucky bits' such as window/context/world management, and other features and functions. I really wasn't happy how the first implementation came out as I felt like I was taking too much...


New Icons on Beta Branch

Posted by reepblue, 17 May 2016 · 546 views

New Icons on Beta Branch If you join the beta branch and updated your projects, you'd probably noticed that the low res Leadwerks 2 icons have now been replaced with high resolution ones that match the rest of the user interface. Decals, Particles Emitters, Cameras, and Probes now have their own icon, and you can tell all entities apart just by looking at them.



Building Cubemaps In Leadwerks.

Posted by reepblue, 07 April 2016 · 781 views

Building Cubemaps In Leadwerks. With the recent popular substance shader by Shadmar, more talk and focus has been about cubemap reflections surfaced in the community. Reflections in Leadwerks were done in the past with the SSLR post process shader which made all surfaces reflect the world in real...

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