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Posted by Roland, 08 February 2017 · 0 views

Hi... Long time since last update.

The reason is that I have been through a period of Panic Disorder. This has been something that has followed me through my whole life in periods. Its something that is really hard to handle when it comes. Angst, worries, problems with stomac, irregular hearbeats, feeling really tired, problems with sleep and the list is long. To summarize its a state where just getting up from bed is an achievement. Anyway... new medication and therapy has now started to work and I'm up again. If anyone has the same kind of problems my first advice is "Dont be ashamed and speak to your friends about it, seek help". And I know that when its at its worst you feel like you are going to die. You wont! And it will be better, it Always does!

So ... Here I am trying to  continue where I left of. First thing I will do is to skip the 3rd person mode. It takes far to much time and effort to develop. I will go for a first person game from now on. So first thing is to make some changes for that. Oh... And it's the same game Zero but in first person mode then.

I'll be back

Good to have you back Roland. I find it very brave of you to speak so open about thiis.
I wish you all the best health and goodluck.
Good stuff Roland!
I got my first panic attack when I was 18. Was in and out of hospitals for a few years because I thought I was dying all the time but turns out it was panic attacks. It's been better over the last 5 years but I know how you feel. It's not fun. I've been off the meds for the last 5 years after being on for many years. I still get anxious but have worked out ways to cope. I often define my life as pre and post anxiety because I was 2 different ppl.
Thanks for sharing Rick. Always great to know that one is not alone. Breaking the silence about these things is one part of recovery. Really good of you man. Again. Thanks.
nice to know you are ok again, keep walking :)
Welcome back Roland :)
Welcome back Roland. I had noticed that you were missing. Glad you have regained your health and hope you stay healthy.
Thanks a lot Charrua, shadmar (the Nordic Magician ) and Thirsty Panther
Roland. I wondered where the hell you had got to. Glad your getting ok again.
I have had similar problems. I worry about something new each day but I am 93 now and still trying my luck with le. Cheers.
Cassius. I was lost for a while but now I'm back. I even have started with GYM 3 times/week and also going for a art-course to start livning again. Haha.. only 93...Then I'm 144 :) and still going strong. All you guys here are so great and have more or less become kind of family.

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