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Posted by Roland, 05 March 2017 · 0 views

I have made a small class for helping with reading and writing parameters between C++ and LUA and also calling LUA functions from C++. I'm sharing this little thing here.

Attached Image

Using the class is quite simple as shown below

LUA - part
Attached Image

C++ - part
Attached Image

I have included is a test project which looks like this in the editor
Attached Image

And like this when executed
Attached Image

Here is the LuaBridge class source
Attached File  Luabrigde.h (2.32K)
downloads: 10
Attached File  Luabrigde.cpp (11.41K)
downloads: 10

And the complete test project
Attached File  LuaBridge.zip (12.85MB)
downloads: 10

Note: Its says 'Click for next test', should be 'Hit Spacebar for next test'

great, thank's for sharing

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