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Four New Texture Packs Released in Workshop Store

Posted by Admin, 28 February 2016 · 576 views

Today we've got four new texture packs available for purchase in the Workshop Store.

The Blood Decals pack provides 30 hand-painted textures for spatters, drips, and puddles of human, animal, or alien blood.  This is perfect for adding atmosphere and a sense of foreboding to...


Winter Games Tournament Roundup

Posted by Admin, 25 February 2016 · 505 views

The Leadwerks 2016 Winter Games Tournament is complete!  This tournament brought some new types of games we haven't seen before, with a wide range of new games to try.  Here's a review.

The Adventures of Relic...


Three New Model Packs available in the Workshop Store

Posted by Admin, 17 February 2016 · 771 views

Today we are rolling out three new paid model packs by artist Nova Dimension.

The Urban Interior Pack contains everything you need to populate your decaying urban settings with...


Mercenary Action Figure Released

Posted by Admin, 16 February 2016 · 604 views

Mercenary Action Figure Released The Mercenary Action Figure is now available for purchase in the Workshop Store.  This custom-made high-quality character includes high-res 4096x4096 textures, an assault rifle, and a prefab set up to work with the new soldier AI script. Drop him into your game, set his...


Game Engine Gems 3 Now Available for Pre-order

Posted by Admin, 08 February 2016 · 797 views

The book "Game Engine Gems 3" by Eric Lengyel is now available for purchase at Amazon.com (ISBN #978-1498755658).  This title, set for release April 21, 2016, features 22 chapters of game programming knowledge, including...


Introducing the Workshop Store

Posted by Admin, 18 January 2016 · 706 views

Leadwerks Workshop provides a repository of free game items for game developers to use in their projects.  Workshop content has been heavily used in several game tournaments to make many different games of different genres.

Today we are rolling out the...


"Games of Winter" Tournament

Posted by Admin, 15 January 2016 · 1,908 views

W inter has descended upon the land, and with it comes the frost.  The nights are long and the days are cold and grey.  How long it shall last we do not know.  But we do know it is time for another Leadwerks game...


Leadwerks Game Engine 4 Preview Available

Posted by Admin, 22 December 2015 · 2,368 views

A preview build of Leadwerks Game Engine 4 is now available on the default branch on Steam, with a new vegetation management system and other features.

We completely rethought how...


Leadwerks Game Engine Reaches 10,000 Paid Users

Posted by Admin, 20 November 2015 · 1,649 views

Leadwerks Software today announced their top-selling game development system on Steam, Leadwerks Game Engine, has gained a user base of over 10,000 paid customers.  Although the game development space has seen a dramatic drop in prices and the entry of many free competitors, Leadwerks Game Engine...


Halloween Game Tournament Roundup

Posted by Admin, 08 November 2015 · 937 views

The 2015 Leadwerks Halloween Game Tournament is complete, with results above and beyond any previous game tournament.  The quality, content, and fun of the lineup of games this tournament is really spectacular.

Halloween Pumpkin...

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