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Leadwerks interviews Frictional Games co-founder Thomas Grip

Posted by Josh Klint, 16 September 2010 · 3,115 views

Frictional Games is the developer of puzzle horror games like Penumbra and the new Amnesia: The Dark Descent.  We sat down with Frictional Games co-founder Thomas Grip to learn more about their development process.

Josh Klint: I'm a big fan of the Penumbra series.  What...


Rocks and Stones Model Pack Released

Posted by Josh Klint, 26 August 2010 · 751 views

The Rocks and Stones Model Pack by Pure3D is now available here:

You can also still get the Industrial Cargo Model Pack for the low introductory price of just $9.95 until Monday, September 6, before the price goes...


Industrial Cargo Model Pack Released

Posted by Josh Klint, 04 August 2010 · 1,167 views

The Industrial Cargo Model Pack is now available for only $9.95.  This package includes three cargo containers and two wooden spools.  All assets are certified game-ready for Leadwerks Engine.  This is just some of Dave Lee's work, and...


Leadwerks Engine 2.4 & pureLIGHT

Posted by Annika O'Brien, 28 July 2010 · 5,875 views
lighting, release, purelight
Leadwerks Engine 2.4 is now available, featuring integration with pureLIGHT lightmapping. Leadwerks deferred dynamic lighting combines with pureLIGHT global illumination lightmaps to deliver the most advanced real-time lighting in the world.

"I'm pleased to be working with pureLIGHT Technologies", said Josh Klint, CEO of Leadwerks....


Leadwerks Engine 2.32 Released

Posted by Josh Klint, 01 June 2010 · 802 views

Leadwerks Engine 2.32 is now available.

-"Render" Lua object function renamed to "Draw".
-Added Draw entity callback.
-Entity draw callback and Lua "Draw" object function will only be called at most once per frame.  Perform animation in this function.
-Entity LOD distance parameters changed for better...


Pure3D launches realtime division

Posted by Josh Klint, 25 March 2010 · 996 views

Pure3D has launched their realtime division for producing high-quality real-time assets ready to use in Leadwerks Engine.  The first vegetation model set...


Leadwerks at GDC 2010

Posted by Annika O'Brien, 05 March 2010 · 1,174 views

We will be posting updates from the GDC throughout the day on Twitter and YouTube.



Here is our tentative schedule of events we are attending:

GamesBeat Networking Reception
Wednesday, March 10th


Leadwerks Engine SDK 2.31 released

Posted by Josh Klint, 20 February 2010 · 2,370 views

Leadwerks Engine SDK 2.31 is now available.  A new SDK installer in the download area allows you to download different versions of the SDK.  You must have an activated Leadwerks account to download the new SDK installer.

New features include lighting optimizations for point and spot lights.  You can read about this feature in detail...


Leadwerks Engine SDK 2.3 released

Posted by Josh Klint, 28 November 2009 · 1,394 views

Leadwerks Engine 2.3 has been released.  This major update includes a new editor, Lua script integration, forest rendering, roads, and more.

Lua Script Integration:  Write object scripts and write your game in any programming language, or you can write your entire game in Lua.

New Editor:  Leadwerks Editor is our new tool for creating...


Leadwerks Engine Evaluation Kit 2.3 released

Posted by Josh Klint, 23 November 2009 · 1,007 views

Finally, the evaluation kit for Leadwerks Engine 2.3 is released.  Get it here.  The evaluation kit allows saving and script editing for a period of 30 days. C/C++ programming is not possible with the evaluation kit. An NVidia GEForce 7000 or ATI Radeon 2000 series graphics...

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