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Night Shot of Egyptian Avenue - Highgate Cemetery



    Night Shot of Egyptian Avenue - Highgate Cemetery

    About 2 hours work so far, will populate with better foliage & more specific trees later..

    looks very nice man creat work  ;)

    Red Ocktober
    Apr 04 2010 08:47 PM
    oh yeah... this is good... this is verrrrry good...  

    i can almost feel the moonlight touching my back... almost hear the rustling of the bushes...

    at least that's what i hope it was...

    oh oh...  what was that!!!??

    the cold fingers of death's hand on my shoulder?

    that must be what it was....   RUN!!!!!      



    Niiiiiiiiiiiiice and spooky.

    Pixel Perfect
    Apr 05 2010 09:07 AM
    Lovely modelling and lighting ... very atmospheric!
    This looks terribly exciting.