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The Quiet Land



    You've got to be kidding me.
    Making me want to get back to Leadwerks.
    Wow, thats a very awesome landscape.  Nice detailed textures, meshes, and great lighting.  Very nicely done, Eye in the Pyramid.
    That's good, but I think you would do better with Pure3D's grass instead of the default one.
    Thanks for the comments! Yeah, the grass is just there until I finish a better version that i've been working on over the past week. Hopefully when I get a few more variations of plant life, trees and random outdoor stuff it will blend together alot more.

    One of my big issues with time at the moment is that my uncle passed away last Thursday and i've had to arrange the funeral so it's been a big thing to help with the family & their grievance- i've had to be working into the late hours to get anything done so I haven't been able to complete as much as i'd hoped. I'm going on a texture trip to italy & russia soon so hopefully that will help to revive me after all this
    I'm sorry your uncle passed away. I wish you all the strenght you need in this special situation.
    Thats so awesome! Great!  :)
    The image is ok. I still dont like the rock with the holes (but maybe is all in my head :P )

    Sorry for your lost. Must be strength now.
    Russia is a nice country. I am sure you will like it :)
    Sorry to hear that.
    thats good  :rolleyes: ,but I missing something here.. and grass does not look like real..