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The Lab



    The Lab

    I'm hoping to make The Lab fit into a 'dream' area of the game i'm developing, it's a very rough draft at the moment as i'm still playing with the design.

    I've had to re-submit the image as there seems to be a problem uploading it correctly.

    I hope this lab was involved in the creation of undead flesh-eating humanoids.  It just wouldn't be right any other way. :)
    Every lab must have the undead somewhere!
    Looks great EITP!
    maybe you could add a sign: no entrance for garlic. just an idea..
    Oi! You've got the ball rolling now, that signs definately going in! ;)
    Exceptional work as always. You really understand how to integrate structures into the surrounding environment, and the interesting colors and dramatic lighting really works for a 'dream' area.

    More please.