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Glock 17 WIP



    Ok since the success of my MAC-10  http://www.fallingpixel.com/mac10-3d-model/26203 (not  :(  ) , here is a WIP of my next weapon the Glock 17.  B)

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    HAHAHA Kevin , thats so cool and cute at the same time lol

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    Ok since the success of my MAC-10 http://www.fallingpi...-3d-model/26203 (not :( ) , here is a WIP of my next weapon the Glock 17. B)

    That link doesn't work.

    If you mean it has not sold yet, don't be sad, that is the nature of the internet.

    Now you need to get eyes on it. Wherever you post in forums anywhere on the net, have a link to your models in your signature.  I'm not saying you will sell lots of units because of your links, but it will help.

    The other thing you might think about, is building brand recognition by building your own site, with a unique look and feel. Of course high quality and specialization is something you want to get a reputation for. Stonemason was well known for his high quality and buildings.

    The secret to selling online, is to make something people don't have, but want and then telling them it exists.

    The hardest part, is the "don't have, but want".  :lol:
    Cheers Davaris.

    Ive fixed the link , not sure why it did'nt work first time round lol

    Ive thought of setting my own website up , that way if i do manage to sell any of my models i get to keep all the royalties  :D

    And no im not sad about it not selling , if i was i would just give up modeling full stop  :o  :lol:

    You seem to have a lot of knowledge it this , have you ever had success in selling models online , as i would love to here about it.

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    Oh thanks for the tip about the signature  :)

    >You seem to have a lot of knowledge it this , have you ever had success in selling models online , as i would love to here about it.

    I used to sell my own 2D games, but business is business as they say.  

    All I can say is its not as easy as most people think. You can go months without any sales at all and then you will get reviewed on a certain specialist website and you will get lots of sales for a few weeks. But of course the sales inevitably  tail off, until its back to selling nothing at all.

    I also know Indie game devs who sell lots of games and they'll tell you some games just sell and sell, while others don't, no matter what you try.

    A lot of people will also tell you that marketing is king, but it isn't. Market Research is king. If you can figure out what people "don't have, but want", before you make anything, the selling will be easy.

    Unfortunately I didn't figure out the "don't have, but want" part. Perhaps you will. All I can say is the people I know that sold games, were making cool things, that looked nothing like anyone else was making.

    Case in point, I remember talking to this guy when he was just starting out:


    He was spending a fortune on Google AddSense and wasn't getting anywhere. His strategy game was unique and had fantastic art, so I told him to forget the AddSense and start posting in forums every day, that would be interested in strategy games and he started selling lots of games after that. He wrote an article about his experience a couple of years ago, perhaps you can dig it up.

    I don't know what will work for you, until you find your voice, as the artists say. You can try to build a reputation for having a unique style that people like. Or you can build a reputation for making one kind of thing, better than anyone else. Then when someone wants the kind of thing you make, they will remember that you have the biggest range and best quality of that type and will always visit your store first.

    You also have to figure out where an artist should post that will get sales. Places like Daz3D and Renderosity if you make Poser stuff. If you make models for games, try game developer sites and game engine websites. Don't go out of your way to sell, just join the conversations and let your sig do the work.
    Thanks Davaris for all the info and advice , its food for thought  ;)

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    Nice model! :D

    You should do the G18 too like in modern warfare 2. With the biiig magazine xD
    Another method of marketing in the next screen, if you can build up your membership lists.


    The 'likes' you get could also be a way to do research on a product idea, before you decide to make it.
    @ Richard

    Yes it would be easy to covert to the Glock 18 , it also has an extened barrel  ;)

    @ Davaris

    Again thanks for all this info you have been giving , only one problem tho , i would'nt touch facebook even if i was paid  <_<

    Gimpy73  :blink: