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Infected Hand



    Ok a shot of my Zombie infected hand  :o
    Fully rigged

    Cool! Have you done a hand crawling animation? XD you could make it run after people if they chop it off!
    Lol good idea Richard :)

    I thought of using this as the player hand , not only do you have to kill zombies , you also have to find a cure.

    Ok its been done before , but hey why not do it again lol.

    You could have it so the player needs to find some research lab , but the lab is overrun with zombies.
    Then you could have a twist that the cure is the actual infection  ;)

    Gimyp73  :blink:
    There is a little mistake here. There is to much space between the first finger and the second.
    @ RVL

    Or it could be the angle of the screenshot  ;)
    Plus i had been playing about with the bones , and may not of reset them before taking the screenshot.

    Gimpy73  :blink:
    well all i can say is the thumb is long. but looks good.