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One Tool To Rule Them All

Everything you need, all in one place.

Built-in Level Design Tools.

Level design is fun again with constructive solid geometry.

Sketch out your game level right in the editor, instead of struggling with expensive modeling programs that are hard to use. Our constructive solid geometry modeling tools are great for rapid prototyping and playtesting.

Dead Simple Import.

Drag, drop, done.

Copy an image or model file into your project folder, and it's instantly imported into the editor. Want to make a change? No problem. Leadwerks will detect changes to your original files and reimport assets when you save them from another program.

Built-in Navmesh Pathfinding.

You can run, but you can't hide.

Leadwerks was designed from the start to support advanced AI, with navmesh pathfinding baked right into the heart of the engine. You can even view the navigation paths as you build your game level, so you can catch mistakes before they become a problem.

Integrated Script Editor.

Scripts and shaders, in one integrated IDE.

Stop switching between applications and enjoy our fully-featured script editor with debugging, code stepping, and breakpoints. You can even modify shaders in real-time and view the results instantly, without saving or reloading files.

Visual Flowgraph.

Easy control of advanced game interactions.

We believe programming is the foundation of game design, but sometimes you want to create one-time interactions that only run in a single game level. We created a visual flowgraph to handle these kinds of interactions. You can use the flowgraph to quickly design complex gameplay mechanics and sequences of interactive events. The flowgraph system interacts with Lua, so you can always crack open the included Lua scripts, modify them, or create your own to add new functionality.