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Redefining Real-time

Leadwerks Game Engine 4 raises the bar for real-time graphics. Again.

OpenGL 4 Deferred Renderer.

Uniform lighting model with up to 32x hardware MSAA.

Our new OpenGL 4 renderer produces beautiful images that look more like a high-quality cg render than real-time graphics. Optimized deferred rendering is used to provide realistic lighting, with support for any number of lights, all casting dynamic soft shadows. Using modern graphics techniques allows us to take advantage of real hardware MSAA, a high-quality anti-aliasing technique. These techniques combine to produce startlingly sharp and vibrant renders, and our proprietary rendering optimizations make it perform fast.

Large-Scale Vegetation System.

Leadwerks Game Engine 4 features a totally new vegetation system unlike anything you've ever seen.

We completely rethought how large-scale scene management should work to bring you a one-of-a-kind vegetation system for handling massive amounts of foliage. Instead of storing each instance in memory, our new system uses a distribution algorithm to dynamically calculate all relevant instances each frame for rendering and physics. This allows enormous densely packed scenes with minimal overhead. The results are blazingly fast, efficient, and easy to use. In fact, our system is so advanced it's featured in the book Game Engine Gems 3.

Modern Shader Pipeline.

Vertex, pixel, geometry, and tessellation shaders, all at your fingertips.

Leadwerks gives you access to all stages of the modern rendering pipeline. The built-in live shader editor lets you instantly visualize the results of your shader code, without ever leaving Leadwerks.

Dynamic Megatexture Terrain.

Fast rendering of multi-layered terrain with incredible detail.

Splatted textures are very efficient, but look repetitive. Unique texturing for each pixel on a terrain looks amazing, but it requires a lot of hard drive space. We've combined the best of both worlds with our own technique we call "dynamic megatextures". This works by rendering the area around the camera into a series of textures and updating them as the player moves around. The results are beautiful, detailed, and run amazingly fast.

Hardware Occlusion Culling.

Automatic occlusion built into the scene manager.

Our proprietary scene management system uses hardware occlusion queries to hide chunks of the world the player can't see. Occlusion culling in Leadwerks is fast and completely automatic, with no need to ever manually place portals or visibility zones by hand. Best of all, it's built into every edition of Leadwerks, so your games will always be fast and efficient.