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Zombie survival horror game - One More Day

Search for weapons and items and see how many days you can survive in the town.

This is an early version with limited items and weapons. Currently there is no main menu and game defaults to high graphics settings and 1920x1080 fullscreen.

Please leave feedback on the workshop page.

-- Controls --

Left Click to use an item in your left hand
Right Click to use an item in your right hand

Press Tab or I for Inventory or B for Backpack/Inventory (3 keys/same function)

-- Tips --

Remember to move items from your hands into your backpack using the inventory screen.
If your hands are full you won't be able to pick anything else up.
Try to leave one spot free in your backpack for moving stuff around.
If you drop an item it's gone forever - this might change in a future version.
When stamina runs low eat some food or sleep in a safe house.
Try to find a weapon quick!

-- credits --

One More Day Game created by Thomas Long in the Leadwerks Game Engine

Music - Into the Darkness (Nyctophobia) by @MarcStraight

Special Thanks to all the Leadwerks Steam Workshop contributers including
Firebal69 , NL2012, Einlander, shadmar and if I've missed anyone let me know!