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"A Demon's Game" is an attempt at recreating atmospheric horror in it's best form.

Warning: This game deals with a lot of adult orientated themes.
The game is meant to be taken slow. Explore, discover and immerse yourself in the storyline of the game.
The game automatically adapts to the things you do, there is also multiple ways of exit in some levels.

WASD- Movement
Spacebar- Jump
E- Use
C- Crouch
F- Flashlight

This game and demo are a work in progress, there will be problems, but there will be fixes, if you have any suggestions please leave them on the workshop page!

Known issues:
None. If you find any issues please report them so I can fix them.

Sometimes in life, you have to commit yourself to saving the ones you love. You need to sacrifice yourself for the greater good, and triumph over all barriers between you and that goal. My name is Daniel. I used to live a normal life... I had a decent job, a beautiful wife... But everything has changed, and now I have to get her back. I'm ready to go to the deepest corners of hell if I have to, if it means I get to see her again.
The game's plot may seem to be simple and somewhat cliché, however we ensure you that there will be a level of depth beyond the generic indie horror game story. For fans of games with deep, well thought out stories, you will not be disappointed.

The Game:
"A Demon's Game" is a very unique title, but keeps true to it's horror roots. Unlike the mass of amateur indie "horror" titles which have appeared recently, we want to move away from the trend of incessant jump scares and low production quality. "A Demon's Game" focuses on creating a terrifying atmosphere, rewarding exploration, and engrossing players in the rich lore of its world.

Each demon you face in game behaves differently, having its own strengths and weaknesses to consider in fighting it. You will need to discover the intricacies of each in order to progress further through the story.

Choices Matter.
In "A Demon's Game" you can make your own choices, which will affect your future like you'd expect, but the choices are all unique in a way that not only will it change where you go and what you do but the end to your journey as well, the game currently has over 18 endings for you to discover. From something as big as refusing to kill a demon or something as small as not going through a specific area, everything will be taken into account when you play the game.