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- About This Game -

Hunt For Food is a sandbox survival game that takes place on a procedurally generated island.
Will you tame the wild or be consumed by it?

This is a Rough Draft version of Hunt For Food. Many things are subject to change. I plan to add many new features, bug fixes, and performance optimizations. Please feel free to leave me some feedback and/or ask me questions about the game!

Follow my development process and find out the current status of Hunt For Food on Trello -

All previous Update Videos can be found on my Youtube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoHTWbTSiXGLhAwQnFE4EPw

- Key Features -

Procedural Generated Terrain and Object Placement.
Building System that is easy to use and is destructible.
Various Animals and People that exhibit different behaviors.
Real-time Combat allows you to interrupt, block, or dodge attacks.
Day and Night Cycle sets the mood of the world.
Inventory with 8 slots for carrying items.
Crafting using ingredients.
Trading uses item values instead of currency.
Status Effects like bleeding, hunger, sickness, and more.
Permanent Death means you have to start over when you die, be careful.

- Tips and Tricks -

Press E to turn animals into bandages instead of meat.
Using a bandage heals bleeding and cures infections.
Place raw meat by a fire to cook it.
When it is raining fires can only be started under shelter.
Wanderers can be hostile so be cautious around them.
Search ruins and abandoned buildings for lockboxes that can contain rare items and crafting recipes!

- Controls -

F - Start/Stop Auto Move Forward
W - Move Forward
S - Move Backwards
A - Move Left
D - Move Right

Shift - Sprint
Ctrl - Crouch on/off
Spacebar - Jump

E - Use (carry, start fires, eat, equip weapon, etc.)
G - Place carried item into inventory
B - Use Bandage (if bandage is in inventory)
N - Start/Stop Sleeping

Tab - Open/Close Inventory or Exit Trading

Scroll Mouse Wheel - Change to Secondary Weapon.
Left Mouse - Attack, Power Attack (if mouse is held down), Throw, Drop Inventory Item, Toggle Inventory Items Trading Status
Right Mouse - Block, Drop Carried Item

Up,Left,Right Key - Rotate Carried Item
Down Key - Turn On/Off Negative Building Rotation
R - Reset Building Rotation
T - Turn On/Off Building Mode. In Building Mode objects are turned at 45 degrees.

P - Pause Game
9 - Minimize Window
0 - Increase/Decrease Window Size
Escape - Menu Screen
Delete - Exit Game (if you are on the menu screen)

- Credits -

Leadwerks Game Engine was used to make this game. (http://store.steampowered.com/app/251810)
Arteria 3D for many assets including music, vegetation, and animated models. (http://arteria3d.myshopify.com/)
Pure3D for the giant oak trees. (http://shop.pure3d.de/)
11linda for the female voice sounds. (http://www.freesound.org/people/11linda/sounds/264982/)
bennychico11 for player hurt sounds. (http://www.freesound.org/people/bennychico11/sounds/80438/)
Leadwerks community member Shadmar for the Day and Night Cycle, Flame Shader, Terrain Generation, and help with many other details.
Nobiax for many great textures that I used throughout development. (http://nobiax.deviantart.com/gallery/24853853/Packs)
Leadwerks community helped me with many issues. (http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/)
FreeSound.org was used to source most sounds.
Audacity was used for sound editing. (audacityteam.org)
Gimp.org was used for 2D graphics.
Blender.org was used for 3D graphics.
Last but not least, my Dad for supporting me!