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More stuff will come in the next version, my objective is to improve the Prologue to use as a demo for a Greenlight campaign to the next chapter. Much of the work this week (besides fixing stuff) was to detail the scenes a bit more to help you guys understand the water flood and how deep the water is.


I removed the cars of the starting area, because floating cars in that place makes no sense.



You can now even see the noisy bird (what a time to be alive!)


The water in the game is really deep, the buildings you see in the game are the rooftops and the facility that you start the game barely survived to the cataclysm.


Some additional rooms were planned for prologue but they were left out, I'll add them in the new version! So if you have already played the prologue you will have some surprises in the Uncut version.




Hello friends,


This is the first time I enter on a game jam in this community.

I tried to follow the theme so after some research I started the development of this little prototype.


I learned some cool tricks in this project and I hope to bring more stages and polish even more this game in the future.





Since there is a little of "try and error" in this kind of gameplay, I worked to make things smooth as possible for the player respawn. In the beginning for example, when the player "died" I just called a map load. I found this solution very lazy and not smooth to the player, so after the core game mechanic was developed I worked to make the respawn quick as possible.


To accomplish this, when I start the game I have a script to store the initial values of the players and all logs, so when the player respawn I just reset every dynamic entity of the game and give to the player a little time to react and try again.





There is 3 stages in this game, and I think there is room to create even more stages and puzzles to the player enjoy.


You can try the game and maybe beat the already infamous stage 3 here:


Demo Updated Aug 01 2016


- Performance improvements

- New Hud Details

- Replaced some CSG for models


Any feedback is very welcome.


Thank you! smile.png

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