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A blog about the development of Structura

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Looking further

Ive decided to plan better and fix milestones so i can actually finish this game, the main problem is lack of time.But i have patience.


I got a domain and in the process to setup a website and a blog.The plan is to have a small release every 15 days.

Will see how it goes, it would be nice to work full time on this but not possible at this time, still have to go to work for a living.


Currently im about to finish a somewhat starcraft like resource gathering mechanic.

A mine has a 1 transporter that gather resources from asteroids.

I limited to just 1 resource transporter per mine so that the user has incentive to expand (build mines) for more resources.


Will come back with a movie.


For development stuff i want to say Object::GetAddress method is great.

Besides the debugger, really helped to investigate some strange crashes.





Structura devblog report

A progress report on Structura


First i want to say im glad i choose Leadwerks engine, easy to use and freedom to choose how you develop.



This will be a single player rts game, is a long term project (written in c++, 11k lines of code at moment).


Have some ideas that will differentiate this game from others:

Game is controlled by a command line and some kind of rudimentary ui.Will see how far i can go with this, its around 100 commands implemented at the moment.

I added game persistence on disk, want to have a persistent game world that wont restart, your actions should have consequences.Dont know if this would be feasible but i will try.


You start with a unit that can have components attached to it and other units.

Components that can be built:


socket, tunnel, battery, unit, power_plant, logistic_center, recycler, mine, accelerator, platform, armor, barrier, standard_adapter, fortress_adapter, recon_adapter, deathstar_adapter, jump_drive, scanner


A big part already have some kind of gameplay attached to them.They consume resources when built.

Resources can be transfered from unit to unit etc.

Code for building units/components is done and well tested you can build a potential infinite graph of this things if you have resources.

Its some kind of limited minecraft.

So far i dont know what will be the performance implications, i just go with it and will try some optimizations later.


On the art department its not good, i use Model::Box :) , have to make time to learn blender, but i will not use textures it takes too long and i better use time for more gameplay.




Any feedback is welcome, i know it seems i went overboard with this :) but im making a game i would enjoy playing , if others will like it at some time will be a bonus.



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