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I'm planning on implementing a new movement animation system. The current animation system is a bit glitchy. I want something like what The Division have where the game uses only one animation movement for everything apart from the transitional poses i.e. transition from running to walking, walking to crouching. It's a clever system. It's also more gracious and cinematic.

The current system I have in Border Recon uses several animations, one for each movement Left, Forward, Right, Back and one for each type of movement Running, Walking, Crouching. It's complicated. 

This system is used in DayZ and PUBG. It's inefficient because obviously it requires many animations which affects loading times and file size of the overall game. Not to mention the management of the programming for this particular type of movement system.

This is The Divisons' gameplay showcasing the movement animations. If you  look at the video in slow motion you can study the movements of the character, it pretty much uses one animation most of the time: running forward.

This should sort out the glitchy animations in my game. It'll take a week at least to convert the current animations to the proposed designed mentioned above. I'm excited to get it working.


Border Recon Early Demo is Out

Hey all, Jena here. I apologize for the late update!

I've been busy recently working on the game and now I have some exciting news to share to you. I have fixed a big list of bugs, implemented new features, and improved the game. And I now have released the first demo for Border Recon. Links of the download can be found below.

If you want to see the list of changes I have made to the game, see the change log below.

NOTE: Please apply all the patches (links below). I also prepared the demo application so that we can test the game. You can download the demo from here:

I have also released a few patches since then so you'll have to download that also, here:

I am proud to showcase this release, it marks an important event for this project. I've started this project almost a year ago and having able to release a semi-working demo to the players is a good sign that the project is going to pull through.

I believe I have implemented most of the major features. I have tested each of these features and made sure they are functional.

If you would like to test the game, download the free demo application and play with us! There is only one map available - the demo map. There will be more maps to come soon in the near future.

Also, if you would like to help or simply keep up-to-date with the game you can join my Discord here:

Thank you for reading, I appreciate your time. See you in the battlefield.


Testing the tracer feature.


Comparison between the changes to the Post-effects shaders.


A queuing or a lobby for players was implemented. Players will have to wait until enough players join the game before the round can start.


A snapshot of the old demo map.

Change log:

  • Melee Animation - Refined
  • Compass Texture - Refined
  • Respawn not working - Fixed
  • Grenades not exploding - Fixed
  • Choosing Sniper Class for IRQ team deploys the wrong character- Fixed
  • Implemented Proning
  • Implemented Leaning
  • Changed "Use" button "F".
  • Implemented Recoil system to all weapons.
  • Improved player movements - Reduced jitter.
  • Camera and player gets stuck mid-air when opening the chatbox/menus - Fixed
  • Movement speeds are wrong - Fixed
  • Segments of everal animations (Walking, Running, Crouching) were improved.
  • Strafe speed is reduced when proning.
  • Jumping is disabled while proning.
  • Jumping is disabled while crouching.
  • Head rotation on other player is wrong while crouching - Fixed.
  • Vehicle cannot reverse - Fixed.
  • Prone animation glitches - Fixed.
  • Key binding configuration file becomes corrupted after saving - Fixed.
  • Player can see through walls when the camera gets too close to the wall - Fixed.
  • Class menu padding of the box container is adjusted to the correct fit.
  • Bullet hole decals on Vehicle tires are not rubber - Fixed.
  • Shooting the ground causes crash - Fixed.
  • Prone animation is wrong while character equips pistols - Fixed.
  • Prone animation is wrong while character equips melee weapons - Fixed.
  • Rotation of RPGs/AT4s is wrong - Fixed.
  • Player can Walk through walls - Fixed.
  • Sea water disappears when Pause menu is enabled - Fixed.
  • "Reset To Default" button in settings menu is now working.
  • All missing key binding input in settings has been added to the settings menu.
  • Death animations are not working - Fixed.
  • Grenade explosion radius was adjusted by half.
  • RPG/AT4 missile explosion explodes in the wrong position - Fixed.
  • Implemented Kill Info
  • Added Stand/Crouch transition animations.
  • Server crashes when Player ID is greater than 10 - Fixed.
  • Player falls through the floor after dying - Fixed.
  • Hit Indicator points to the wrong direction - Fixed.
  • Implemented "Hit Mark" - a red arrow in the middle of screen - to signal the player has hit an
  • opponent - Fixed.
  • Crouching key can now be toggled on and off (players do not have to keep pressing ctrl key).
  • Crosshair is visible under sniper scope - Fixed.
  • Adjusted sniper scope zoom by 100%.
  • Adjusted Post-effects shaders to improve the look of the game.
  • Changed the "Construction" map, added obstacles and changed the theme from an island to barracks in the middle of the desert - a more fitting location.
  • Added a lobby feature in-game - players will have to wait until enough players have joined the game before the round can start.
  • Improved recoils of the weapons.
  • Added Kill Info feature.
  • Windows, including the Launcher window are now centered upon opening.
  • Fixed the error where the player glitches through the terrain floor.

This devlog mentions the following development progress of Border Recon:

  1. New Minimap feature
  2. New Launcher feature
  3. Redesigned Class Menu
  4. New Launcher features
  5. And more.


The new Minimap feature has been added to help players orientate to their location in the world map.



The new recoil feature has been added to add detail on the weapon firing mechanism. The Recoils for each weapon have now been set with different values depending on its size. The recoil will hinder the accuracy of a weapon, the first 3 bullets will follow the most accurate trajectory than the rest of the bullets fired in a single burst/shot.


Redesigned Class Menu

The old buttons for selecting classes is replaced with plain font to look similar to the launcher and pause menu of the game to keep the consistency in the menu design layout. The line spacer between the weapons (Primary, Secondary, etc.) are now colored yellow-orange.


New Launcher Features

The game launcher now features a minimize and close buttons. The launcher window can now be also dragged and moved by clicking the top fourth-half of the window.


Patches & Fixes

Other updates on the Border Recon project are included in the list below:

  1. Vehicles now create dust particles as it moves on terrain ground.
  2. Problem with AT4/RPG rockets not exploding as it hits a wall problem is now fixed.
  3. Reloading sound on weapons has been refined.
  4. Server now resets the number of tickets when there are no players available.
  5. Server now resets the vehicle location when there are no players available.
  6. Friendly fire is now disabled.
  7. Weapons not showing at the start of the game problem is now fixed.
  8. Dynamic cross hair has been added.
  9. Compass in vehicle now works.
  10. Button for USE is changed to 'F'.
  11. Players not hidden when entering a vehicle problem is fixed.

You can keep up-to-date with the development of this project in Discord:



I have finished the Road Tool a few days ago and I was able to create the main roads for my map. As you can see below we have a road stretching across the map.

I am planning to add little arteries of roads in the map to prepare the urban areas. The urban areas will have walkable buildings. Players can hide in the buildings and setup a temporary base. Helicopters can land on top of the buildings and make contact with players occupying the building.


I have added little placeholders in the map. I just thought I would put in the little detail at the time. These little design detail will stay in the game later on. These will help shape up the map and there will be more of these added to the map soon.


As soon as I finish implementing all the game mechanics, I will start to focus on the map more.


Smoke Effects

And finally, the most recent development for the project is the smoke grenade effects. Each smoke grenade will produce different smoke in colors of random variety.


Thanks for reading this devlog. There will be more to come soon. Please make sure to follow my game to get the latest updates in the future.




First I want to apologize for the volume of blogs I've been posting recently. I've been posting a lot and it's creating clutter in the blog section. I really should wait and enter all news in one blog instead of creating a micro blog for each little update. This blog I thought deserves its own article anyway.

Below is a demo video of how my road tool works. It shows you the process of creating the road, exporting, and importing the road to Leadwerks. Descriptions and explanations of each stage is explained in the footnote of this blog.

Do you want to see this tool in the workshop? Read this bit on the footnote of the article.

Credits to Shadmar and Gamecreator on the footnote.


I've demo road on my game:

The Process

The process starts by opening the Road Tool application followed by a list of steps:

  1. Create a road
  2. Distribute the waypoints
  3. Compile the road
  4. Export the road by clicking Ctrl + S - this creates 2 files inside the "Results" folder: roads_x.obj and heightmap.tga
  5. Open Blender and import the road.obj
  6. Export the model to FBX in your project
  7. Open Leadwerks and import the road model
  8. Add the model to the map
  9. Tweak the model rotations (x = 0, y = 180, z = 180)
  10. Import the new Heightmap (the road tool would have changed the terrain slightly to accommodate for the road model)
  11. Finished


Still To Do

Some things that still needs working on are:

  1. UV coords on exported models
  2. Snap vertexes to nearby road vertex


Do you want to see this tool in the workshop?

I have done quite a lot of work on this and I wouldn't mind sharing it with you guys for a little price. It'll give me the incentive to continually improve the tool in the future if it means making a little income for me. Let me know on the comments.


I would like to send my thanks to Gamecreator and Shadmar for the examples (Road snap to terrain & early road script).





2 Days ago I started the Road Tool project. The motivation behind the project is to create a tool that can create road systems for my game Border Recon. Today I come with positive updates. I am pleased with the results today and can now show you a rough draft of the nearly finished road system. What's left to do is to implement an export feature for the road model, create a parser for importing accompanying model data, and tweak a few details of the road generation algorithm.

Textures are applied to the road surface:


Road is snapped to the terrain (thanks gamecreator), some of the ground underneath the road will have to be leveled (part of the future tweaking process):


The ends of the road needs to snap and combine with the starting point of the road model:


The arteries need to snap and connect (yet to be finished):


Please follow my page on IndieDB:





I'm currently creating a road tool to create roads for my game. I have looked at the examples of Shadmar & gamecreator (thanks to them) to help me implement a tool that can manipulate terrain and create roads on a terrain. Below is a draft of the tool, in this application I will be able to create multiple roads, extend roads, cut roads or remove roads entirely. I can also move and reshape the roads using the axes arrows.

This tool will be important for my project. I'm coming to a close on a task of developing the map and it will involve a lot of road-werks.

More details about this soon. 


Example of way-points you can distribute around the map to create the shape of the road:



I've still got a lot to do before releasing a playable Alpha version of the game but I'm getting there fast. Below is the actual to-do list, in its rawest form, of tasks that I have to do to complete the early version of the game, some are yet to implemented and others are to be refined.

I go through a maximum of 5 items on the list everyday. I cross out the items that I complete with a purple marker, it's satisfying to be able to do that once in a while.


On the other note, some of the things I have been working on the game recently (as you can see on the paper, the marked items) are:

  1. I have fixed a bug in-game that corrupts the settings file when the player presses "Apply Configuration" button found in the settings page in the Pause Menu.
  2. I have implemented resupply stations where players can resupply and replenish their ammunition.
  3. Player movements are stopped when they open the scoreboard, class menu, equipment list, or chat box.
  4. I adjusted the view settings - the character model is not fully shown in front of the screen.
  5. Refined the text anti-alias on all of the menus.
  6. I have started working on the map "Border Town" and I've tweaked the character material settings - increased spectacular, added roughness, and a bit of metalness to emphasized the creases in the player model's clothing adding detail to the overall character instead of just a bland camouflaged colour. Ideally, a cell-shader would have done the job quite right but that's not available to me right now.

Screenshots: Improved anti-alias on texts on the menus, tweaked character clothing material (increased roughness and metalness to emphasize clothing detail):



There will be more updates to come soon. Don't forget to follow this page to receive the latest updates on Border Recon.

- Jena



I now have multiple social media channels to promote my game including IndieDb,, Twitter, and Patreon. You can find a page of my game in the following links:

I will be posting devlogs of my progress weekly in each of the channels. Please subscribe and like the page to show your support, I would greatly appreciate it!

Recent updates on Border Recon:
I have stabilized the networking of the client and server. The recent integration of new 3D model for the character classes caused some issues on the character deployment. This issue is already fixed.

In the upcoming days I will be working on a few major as well as minor features of the game including:

  • Vehicle Sound
  • Bases and Markers
  • Flyable Jet Planes
  • RPG/AT4 Models Refining
  • Weapon Textures Refining
  • RPG/Grenade Explode Timer Refining
    and more.

Our test vehicle for our first flight:


My Humvee is toppled, I have made changes to the HUD - added colours and containers to on-screen data:


Our first map:



I made changes to the Ingame UI, Loading screen and Pause Menu of the game.

The newly edited loading page: loading the map called "Default".


And here is an image showing the newly added element into the UI: a compass using macklebee's sprite drawing technique.


Black and yellow is now the theme of the color scheme, this is the game launcher:


And finally, the slightly edited pause menu:



The casting is complete. The entire set of classes are now implemented into the game.


In the following order from left to right we have for our U.S. Team: Recon, Rifleman, Support, and Sniper.


For our Iraq Team we have: Fighter, Sniper, Scout, and Machine Gunner.


This is a showcase of the latest development of Border Recon. In this post you read about the pause menu that was recently implemented into the game. Below is a video demonstrating this feature as the screen becomes grayscaled and blurred. You will also see the camera zooms in to the player's target as the game goes to pause mode.

The zoom in feature can be used while not in pause mode.



Exo Arena

Hi, I thought I would showcase my game on the blogs. I've reached a good milestone on this project and I'm please with its progress. I'm excited of my plans for it in the near future.


I spent the whole day today porting the game server application to Linux. got it working in the end.


Below are some screenshots I took right after testing the Linux server.




Main menu made using Awesomium:



My character in front of me (for now it follows me around, for testing) i shot myself on the chest




died after second shot, camera went spectator mode:




Server at work:





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