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Mind's flowing ideas and creations.

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Here I want to present what the "Tower game" is doing becoming !

I got the idea to make a relaxing puzzle 3D game where the player will have to find/build/assemble different elements to discover arts.

Here a picture I found that inspired me this:


Now, I made a little demo video for this, I found the experience somewhat meditative, looking at this floating colorfull infinite world and listening to the sounds. You can turn the music off and listen at your own or just let it plays as it is. I hope you enjoy !

(Music from Flaer and Bliss)



This is a simplified change of this workshop item (so credits go there!)

A few changes I did:

1) the water.mat:

    changed Diffuse color (64,64,64,64) + refraction shader


2) The script, simplified, like this:

Add this script to a box, cylinder, what you want...With the water material up there added.


And here the result :)

sorry Footsteps sounds don't matched..


I'm trying to build a beautiful open world on map size 2048, where the player will have the possibility to play as a Street vendor, transporting and selling goods through the world.

The world should be an unhabitable zone. Unless you have a shield.

You will have manage your reccources between buying and re-selling goods, develop yourself with better vehicles, develop a little shopping industry, little bit enigm or fight to provide the shield.


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