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Okay guys you now that Aggror and I are working on a horror game. We have shown you some pic's and some gameplay, but now we want to talk a bit about the story.

The story style is inspired by the work of the horror writer HP Lovecraft. However we will be not be using any kind of creatures and places from the Chtulhu mythos inside our game. We have come up with our own creatures and places that are needed for our storyline. Yet we try to stay close to the unknown and obscure worlds that H.P Lovecraft uses in his work.



The player


The name of the player: Matt Field. He was ones a great journalist but has fallen down de pit of illness and is often plagued by strange dreams and visions. He has visions, nightmares and suffers from dillusional paranoia. He becomes obsessed with his paranoia. He starts to write everything down and spends his money on weird books and documents, trying to find out more about his illness. When he starts to see doctors to get better, he finds out that he is not the only one having those visions.


Where the game takes place


The main story line is mostly focussed inside the Black water aslyum. Here you will find out that your dreams and visions are more than that they appear to be. Although the central storyline takes place in Black water assylum, the location of the story changes often to give the story more depth, a deeper meening and is used for variety in level design.



when the game takes place


The game takes place in 1952 in England




And here is a little sneak preview of the story script:


I was awakened by the smell of rotting meat and other unknown smells.

When I was fully awake, I saw that I was in my room but there was something wrong with that.

I can not define what was wrong but I was in my room but it felt as if I was where no man has been. When I got up I felt a strange tingling in my feet.

I grabbed my shoes I wanted as quickly as possible from this hellish room who had dressed as my room. I walked from my room, but I was quickly stopped as though to my horror I did not know my

corridor, but a dark hallway with a winding staircase in the dark hole but I could not put my finger on but I was drawn to to the dark hole. when I first step on the staircase sick I felt like I was sucked in by vortex of unprecedented depth and pure horror. When I pushed forward into the depths, I heard a very strange music.

There were sounds that can not be described and no person ever could. And after unprecedented time came at the end of the stairs, there I saw a green wall of hellish mist. I was drawn towards the sickening green fog in front of me. And although the fog frigthened me, I couldn't resist going through it. My mind didn't seem to have control over my body, like someone was the puppeteer of my mind. It was as if every step was adverse to my mind. When the green fog started to fade, I noticed that I was in some kind of unholy cave. I could see a strange structure in the distance. When my eyes adjusted to the light around me I saw the structure in all its glory, it was a city but it was not made by human architects.

The immensiveness of the city's appearance overwhelmed my mind and made me think how puniness the civilizations are, known by men. The city was like a ridicule to all that man kind has achieved. The city existed out of strange towers and within the center of the city, four towers rised towards the vaulted ceiling of the cave. The central towers had a disceiving shape of a misformed hand.

Then I looked left and I saw remains of god mocking statues. The statues were not human nor animal like. The ground started to shake underneeth my feet. Out of the deepest and darkest cavern a creature was awakening. A loud horrifying damped roar echod through the entire cave. The siluete of a massive creature risis above Matt. Massive, a being of uther chaos and destruction with an untold shape. Darkness enclosed me in a cloak of fear and despairity. I fainted, leaving a world of chaos and horror behind me.






we hope you like it and let us know what you tinke a bout it