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How to be a great programmer (or whatever)



I am going to share my tips on how to be a great programmer, or anything else for that matter.


The first thing you need to do every day is eat properly. I recommend the following:



  • 2 pieces of toast (whole wheat bread, the heavier the better).
  • One banana or orange.
  • Finally, eat pure egg whites until you can't eat anything more. They have no cholesterol, no fat, they are pure protein, and they will give you tons of energy.


  • Get a deli sandwich. Chicken, turkey, and occasionally roast beef are good. Avoid pastrami or anything with a ton of cheese or grease.


  • Salmon fillet. This has the Omega-3 fats you need to be smart.
  • Rice for carbs.
  • Salad or grilled vegetables.

Additionally, you should take a multivitamin to make sure you get any nutrients you missed during the day.


The second thing you need to do is go running every day. Two miles is good enough to get a decent workout, but short enough that it can be repeated daily. Start gradually, if needed. It will make a big difference in how you feel every day.


It is perfectly possible to skip these things for a short time, but as soon as you start eating junk food like pizza and soda, you will find you won't have the energy to run. Then you will lose the energy to prepare proper meals, and start falling back on more prepackaged convenience food, which will make you more tired, and you will cycle downwards into lethargy.


Are you depressed or tired? Unless you are following my regiment above, you really have no excuse. Try this for three weeks and then see how you feel. Together, we can make the Leadwerks community healthier and more productive.


Recommended Comments

you really have no excuse


I have a 3 month old and a 4 year old, and my wife and I both work. I'm using that as a little excuse. Valid or not :) However, when I do workout and eat right I do feel much better ofcourse.

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He is right, although I must confess that a Friday Pizza is on my menu. But then I make many program error... Now I got the explanation :)

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does LE provide healthcare to its users? just curious as this sounds like a similar email i received from my company regarding health choices where the future plan is to start charging people more for not following a healthy lifestyle... if LE does offer healthcare, what is my deductible?

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If that's the case, I don't smoke so I should get 10% off of LE3! I'll pass a physical if that'll help get more % off.

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well i have to run 3 miles once a week and twice a week i am required to do 30 min physical strength training then 30 min of cardio training. So with that and my lack of smoking i should get a decent % of LE3 off.

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If that's the case, I don't smoke so I should get 10% off of LE3! I'll pass a physical if that'll help get more % off.

That's a common misconception of non-smokers. In real, the smoking breaks can often relax the mind and suddenly you find the solution to some difficult problems. Besides, non-smokers don't need so much money, since they don't smoke, so smokers should get more salary, because they have better ideas and use the cigarattes as efficient working tools. And finally, smokers also die younger, so they don't waste so much taxes for retirement, so they should have to pay less taxes than non-smokers.

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