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Something To Do



  • Add CREATENOW parameter to LEO's Framework::Framework() and Engine::Engine().
  • Expand hybrid fpscontroller2.lua example
    • Also try to split it into universally reusable thingoids

    [*]Make some cool dungeon with 3DWS

    [*]Write a short tutorial how to create a distributable game (including built-in C++ RunTime)

    • Include a game launcher and updater in the tutorial

    [*]Write also a mini game while doing the tutorial

    [*]Try to get a ragdoll physics character controller working

    [*]It could be used also for n-pedal monsters

    • Realistic movement is not important in first phase

    [*]Make physics based 3D emitters

    • They could be used for physics based 3D decals also


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