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I wanted to post an update on our Steam Greenlight campaign. Basically, we're doing better than most of the top compaigns did during the same time frame. However, because items in Greenlight are never removed, they slowly accumulate votes over time. Some of the software in Greenlight has been there for almost a year, and we've only been in there about three weeks. So their number of votes will be higher than ours for a while, even if we are accumulating votes much faster.


The campaign got enough votes early on that I'm pretty confident it will succeed, but it's going to take a couple of months to build up enough votes to pass other items that have been sitting around for a long time. If I had designed the system, I would have done 30-day runs and just picked the top items each month. It's like if one item gets 3000 votes in one week, it's still rated lower than something that has built up 5000 votes over the course of a year.


As a game developer, the lesson here might be to get your title into Greenlight as soon as possible, since it will take time to build up votes.


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Didn't know that. Seems silly but whatever. Do you still have that link that I can share with friends who are already on Steam? I couldn't find it in your post history.

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It's in the site header at the top. We'll get there, it just won;t be a four-week sprint like I originally thought.

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Sorry, I meant a special URL you posted that I think you could just send via Steam IM so that they don't have to log in on the site.

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