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Leadwerks to Telltale

Chris Vossen


Hello Leadwerks Community!


In the game industry everyone is always shuffling around between companies as projects reach different stages of development. Since my senior year of college I have been striving to get on board a production team. So, when Telltale offered me a production internship I jumped at the chance.


One of my favorite parts of the transition is that Telltale uses Lua as their scripting language so if I ever run into a production problem that involves scripting I could always jump in and investigate their code!


I loved my time at Leadwerks from day drinking with Josh while coding to running our GDC booth. It has been truly amazing.


I also wanted to say farewell to the Leadwerks community, you guys have been the most intelligent and professional online community I have ever seen and without you guys Leadwerks would not exist.


Thank you all for all the content that you've put up. Seeing games created with the engine make it all worth while.


Farewell for now (I am still constantly going check the blogs),

Chris Vossen



I can't wait to see Leadwerks on Steam and all the future games that are going to come out of LE3!


Recommended Comments

It was really great to have you on the Leadwerks team and with the community! Thank you for all that you've done for us, including the tutorials! I wish you well with Telltale. I'm sure it will be a great experience - they've made some great adventure games.

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