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Blender Character Rig



As Dave is texturing, I started to build our first basic character rig from scratch. Soon we can give some animations to Rick to start testing and working on. This rig still has a few problems but all in all works well. The rig can be adjusted to meet varied human type of characters.


I am working on creating this production pipeline, from creating rigs, exporting out of blender and importing the animations (working correctly) into Leadwerks.


The rig in the picture is shown with all the armatures showing ,relationship lines and axis showing. I still need to add the bone shapes for the controllers. Of course all the bones will not be exposed when animating but only the bone controller shapes.


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I looked at and used the Rigify plugin but to increase my rig knowledge, I rather build my own rig...

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@YouGrove: It is plain a old IK rig they just changed the shape of some of the bones - you may have to bake the IK animation to FK before exporting, but there is no special magic involved ;)

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Just saying it failed when i tried, perhaps someone could test again regify and see how it's behave ?

I'm far from convinced about regify, so far from 3DSMAX complete and customizable biped system.

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The problem with rigify is the amount of bones it has after you generate the true rig from the meta rig. The WGT bones, you are advised to delete after generating the rig. Unity advises this course of action. Tearing apart a pre made complex rig can be done but seems like it would lead to headaches. Blender's rigging is not bad and I tried a few. Person opinion here, Rigify is great for regular animations for which is was created for.

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The Mixamo auto rigger seems to work pretty well. You can get 2 free auto rigs a week just by having an account with them. You can't accumulate them though (limited to 2). But still, for an indie project, I doubt you'd be rigging more than that (esp since you can just recycle the skeleton for similar meshes).

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