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New beta update available



A new update is available with the following changes:


Player collision against terrains is now working really nicely. In general, the player controller has become very solid and accurate. It's also quite a bit faster than before.


An experimental feature lets you make CSG brushes the child of another object and check a "shape hint" option in the physics properties. This will use any attached CSG brushes to build a new compound convex hull for that model. This is best used to make prefabs, so that the same collision shape gets reused for each instance of the object.


The Code::Blocks C++ project template is updated. You should add the preprocessor definition LUA_USE_LINUX to the root target in your C++ projects.


I started using banks instead of STL vectors for terrain data. I have no hard evidence, but I suspect vectors aren't up to the task of handling the large data terrains involve.


The scene tree now renders at a speed pretty much independently from the number of objects in the scene. I believe this will also fix some weird graphical glitches we've seen on Ubuntu.


The map file format version is incremented. You will need to update your executable to be able to load the new format.


The model and map editor will now free cameras and lights used when their window is hidden, to free up extra video memory.


Map backups have a more logical naming scheme now so it's easy to tell which map is which.


The program log is now stored in "Documents/Leadwerks/Leadwerks.log".


For recent bug fixes, just see recently locked topics in the bug reports forum:



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Okay, I'm not (yet) interested in Steam, but if I were, where would I download this beta? Perhaps we can be more explicit when announcing versions (for Steam or normal/C++/Lua). I'm in and out of the forum infrequently these days, and I'm not tuned to the situation as well as the rest of you.

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Does the updater work across all versions of the standalone version going forward? I reinstalled the standalone recently via exe download between 3.0 and 3.2. I don't know why I thought I had to do that, but I did.

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