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Leadwerks 3.4 Launch Prep



Leadwerks 3.4 will be launched as soon as AMD releases their new driver, preferably by Monday. The three big features this introduces are:

  • Vehicles
  • Water
  • Built-in Workshop browser


As well as over 100 small fixes and improvements.


The launch will coincide with a week-long sale. The results of the sale will give me an estimate of cash flows for 2015 and let me make decisions about what to invest in the company and continued development.


Following the launch, we'll have a period until summer where I will work on new features for 3.5 and resolve a few remaining Linux issues. I expect to make some minor changes to the renderer and update system in particular, but nothing that breaks the API. I'm not going to attempt anything like this until the launch is over, as it is possible I might have to make some quick fixes the first week.


Summer will see the release of Leadwerks 3.5 and the Leadwerks Summer Games Tournament. Leadwerks Game Player will have a private beta, and will launch to the public when there are 50 small games ready to play.


You can help the 3.4 launch by spreading the news on social media, when it is released. Thank you.


Recommended Comments

I'm thinking at this point carving and vegetation for 3.5 in June. But plans are subject to change at any time.

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Should the aim not be to use the stable driver? For Ubuntu in particular installing beta drivers is an excellent way to make sure your system breaks on the next desktop update

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On that page it says Display Driver ver. 14.501.1003 under Omega (14.12) but the release dates are 2014. Is it new or old? I'm reluctant to try it. I've had to roll back twice and I hate messing around with drivers too much.

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Yet under the "Important notes"...


This driver is intended for use only with AMD Radeon™ Graphics products when paired with a Dell™ Alienware Graphics Amplifier.
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gamedeviancy: AMD has recently started to offer their drivers pre-packaged for some distros meaning DEBs for Ubuntu. The generic Linux download is the regular installer that can also build those packages or just straight up install it.


It's a simple convenience thing.

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Ah ok. Would be a simple convenience thing if they wrote working drivers. I really do want to buy an AMD card, because Mantle sounds awesome. But I'm holding off for now until I hear better things about the drivers. My Geforce GTX 650 is sufficient at this very moment anyways.

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