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LUA CPP "how to" 7/7



6) How to expose a Cpp Class to LUA using tolua++


At a glance:


A way to create instances of objects defined in Cpp from LUA scripts, so functions created in Cpp side should be called from LUA side. Somewhat the opposite direction of items 4, 5 and 6 of this series.


The way is not so difficult once you travelled it, as always!


First you have to write a header with your class declaration, then you have to use tolua++ application to translate it to LUA


I'll started a new cpp empty project, so i have only:


Main.cpp, App.h and App.cpp



cToLuaTest.h declaration of the class

cToLuaTest.cpp implementation of the class

cToLua translation to lua generated by tolua++


cToLua.cpp si generated by tolua++ with the following command line:


(on a terminal good great and legendary DOS window.. haa those times!)


tolua++ -o cToLua cToLuaTest.h


the command line explained:


a) first parameter -o nomGeneratedFile :desired name of outputfile

b) second parameter cToLuaTest.h :name of input file


this generates a long.. more than expected file, that at the end has a function:



note: you will have to include as source this file, so name it differently than the

cToLuaTest.cpp which implements the class. If you do not especify -o, then the same name as input is assumend, becarefull


inside the cToLua.cpp generated by tolua++, almost at the end there is a special function:


/* Open function */
TOLUA_API int tolua_cToLua_open(lua_State* tolua_S)


which is used to bind the class to lua.


as a helper (from one of the threads cited on first tut) i adopted to write another header to declare the above function.



#pragma once
#include "Leadwerks.h"

using namespace Leadwerks;

/* Exported function */
TOLUA_API int tolua_clasetolua_open(lua_State* tolua_S);



Following the class declaration and the implementation

class cToLuaTest
    void luaCalling(void);
    float average(void);
    float aFloat;
    int intA, intB, intC;


#include "cToLuaTest.h" //prototypes
#include "Leadwerks.h" //uso System de leadwerks por eso la inclusion

using namespace Leadwerks;

void cToLuaTest::luaCalling(void){
  System::Print("lua is calling me!");

float cToLuaTest::average(void){
  return (float)(intA+intB+intC)/3.0f;


Did you expected something more elaborated? sorry then smile.png


Now the bind part, in Main.app:


1) include the file lua_gluecode.h

2) the following couple of sentences (before app->start)


#include "lua_gluecode.h"
int main(int argc,const char *argv[])
  many many lines away of default main.cpp main function
    if (Interpreter::L == NULL) Interpreter::Reset();   //--- this line
    tolua_cToLua_open(Interpreter::L);                  // and this line
    //Execute mobile-style App script
    App* app = new App;
    if (app->Start())
      while (app->Loop()) {}
      rest of main.cpp


build and voila!, you have all done cpp side!

now, go LUA side.


as a test, in App.lua, function Start:


function App:Start()
  --Load a map
  local mapfile = System:GetProperty("map","Maps/start.map")
  if Map:Load(mapfile)==false then return false end

  System:Print("app.lua start")

  -- cToLuaTest object created in lua
  c2luaTest = cToLuaTest:new()         --create an instance of cToLuaTest class object
  if c2luaTest ~= nil then             --test if ok
    System:Print("c2luaTest not nil")
    c2luaTest:luaCalling()             --use one of it's methods, just print "lua is calling me!" on the cpp side

  --set some properties
  c2luaTest.intA = 10
  c2luaTest.intA = 35
  c2luaTest.intA = 15
  --call average an print out the result

  return true
end --of App:Start


so easy, isn't it?



the end smile.png


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he, he, i edit the code blocks, they were unindented, and i hate this!

also i noticed that my public dropbox folder isn't public any more.. that's weird.. the project posted and other things all over other posts are not available any more :(

will have to fix this


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