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Beta branch update



The beta branch on Steam is updated with a new build. This uses the refactored Window class, on Windows and Linux. The GUI and Widget class are also added, although they are highly experimental and still in development. Both the engine and editor are using the refactored Window class, so please report any erroneous behavior your detect.


Leadwerks is now using GDI+ for some GUI drawing commands, on Windows. You need to update your existing project by modifying the "Linker \ Input \ Additional Dependencies" property in Visual Studio and adding the "msimg32.lib" library.


If you want to play around with the GUI system, check out GUI.h and Widget.h, in the Pro edition.




Recommended Comments

Getting a cannot open include file error for glslang/standalone/resourelimits.h after this update, even though glslang is in my include directories


Edit: Yeah, in my Steam Leadwerks, there is no glslang\StandAlone folder. ResourceLimits.h is in glslang\Include

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After adding the above directory and copying resourcelimits.h to it, I can build. But now I get an error for:


'Center' : is not a member of 'Leadwerks::Window'. You certainly didn't remove the ability to set the window to the center of the display, did you?


Edit: also, since this update, seems like every so often the mouse cursor will not hide when it should. I haven't had a problem with this before, and I haven't touched any code that would affect this on my end.


I'll open up a bug report about all this...

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