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Quick Update



Very happy on how everything is coming along. Blue Portals: Anniversary Edition development is going a tad slower than I wanted it too, but it's coming along nicely. We've finally shipped that

in late August, and the mod made even more progress since. We just got some unknowns to work out like voice acting and music. I got some puzzles in the pipeline, and the mod right now has 11 playable maps.


LEX2 is getting re-organized. I went back to the CMD window based dev console as I plan on adding in the final console with the new GUI once that's done and well documented. I also implemented a Convar system along with a new conommand system. Pretty much, a new foundation is in place, and I shifted my focus to be easier lua development for now. I'll write about it more when I know more on how I wish to accomplish this.


Steam Dev Days is next week! I've spent the last month going through my archive of experiments and prototypes, along with making demo maps for Blue Portals: Anniversary Edition. Chris (my texture artist) is bringing his Surface to showcase our stuff. If you're gonna be attending the event, come find us! We've got a lot to show off and talk about. I'll most likely be posting on my twitter through out the event.


Unfortunately, the surface ran any Leadwerks project terribly, so we are only limited to our Source projects. :(


That's really it. I know I usually write an essay for blog posts, but I've been busy lately in preparation for Steam Dev Days. I'm really excited, as I never been on that side of the country before!


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