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After some struggle I got my first model done



A programmer making models. Well .. it takes some time to get a grip of how to make the models enough low poly to behave well in the engine but at the same time enough convincing to look real. And then we have the UV-mapping... If my hair wasn't (the little that's left) gray already it would have turn into to some of that flavor. I'm using Blender although I have Modo, but that's just because I really want to learn Blender as my incoming stream of money has gone down dramatically after my retirement. So better get used the poor-man tools.


So here is how it looks when rendered in Blender



and here in game.



The lighting is different. Actually I this is not the real game scene. Its just my test thing with not descent lighting applied and so on. The wood planks has to be textured better but I'll get there.


Actually I took a sidestep from man plan doing this. I should have been just blocking out things with simple primitives now but I felt I wanted to see how the art-pipeline worked first.


That pier will need to have some loose planks that will cause problems. That will then bring me into the 'getting a nice water' problem and also how to get the bits that falls of floating.


Here is the direction I'm going with this



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I like it. Beginners would simply copy and paste planks but you've made a variety of them and the spacing seems natural for the style you're going for, with no obvious repetition that I see.

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Thanks. Yes I tried to avoid to obvious repetitions. The sharp eyed observer will of course notice that is 3 piers repeated but rotated around the Y-axis.

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Added Edge Split Modifiers in Blender and its better, but still a bit round. The material is diffuse+normal, no specular map. The Spec value is set to 0 (black)



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Big Thanks to macklebee for his kind assistance.

Imported the fbx to UU3D, Then made Unweld Seans and saved the fbx.

In the Leadwerks I had to flip the normals of some reason. Anyway. Then end result was good



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