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Looking further



Ive decided to plan better and fix milestones so i can actually finish this game, the main problem is lack of time.But i have patience.


I got a domain and in the process to setup a website and a blog.The plan is to have a small release every 15 days.

Will see how it goes, it would be nice to work full time on this but not possible at this time, still have to go to work for a living.


Currently im about to finish a somewhat starcraft like resource gathering mechanic.

A mine has a 1 transporter that gather resources from asteroids.

I limited to just 1 resource transporter per mine so that the user has incentive to expand (build mines) for more resources.


Will come back with a movie.


For development stuff i want to say Object::GetAddress method is great.

Besides the debugger, really helped to investigate some strange crashes.





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Interesting what you say about GetAddress. I'd not got to using that. Can you explain a scenario you've found it useful in? I've sometimes found it difficult to find problems. Things like objects getting freed up due to reference counting reaching zero and me not realising it. Is this the sort of scenario you a using it in?

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A few times i verified the same reference got passed through a couple of classes in the place where was needed.

Once i verified how the reference counting works for Emitters.Had problems in certain edge cases i was deleting NULL pointers.Or creating multiple Emitters on MouseHit.


Also for something like this:

if (Object::GetAddress(console->ast->GetAsteroids()[i]) == Object::GetAddress(pickinfo.entity)) {
    currentIndex = i;


I usually use Entity SetKeyValue for identifying things, for asteroids i was lazy doing like above.

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