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ZERO - a bit simpler approach




I have been working a bit on getting things realistic and found that the amount of work with that is just overwhelming. Maybe its me that is to nit-picking :) Anyway I have decided to go for a bit more cartonish fun style and hopefully that will make the art process a bit less time-consuming.


So here is my new hero, the little friendly robot Alfred. Making animations for that guy is something that I can handle and as my daugther said, he's also quite qute :)


I might try to use a carton-shader. There is one in the Workshop but its a bit to intense. Haven't really decided on that yet.


That was just a little update for now


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Alfred is modelled in Cinema 4D and textured in 3DCoat. He's 4k quads and is rigged in C4D. Working on IK for the legs now before starting animation

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Yes. That was my plan when I had a complete human to deal with. Now when I replaced the human with this little fellow I don't think the the animations will be any problem. It was the animations of a human that made me switch to FPS. With this little guy it's more or less just a walk and run animation to deal with so I will return to the original plan which was a combination of first and third person views. Think I have that in some of the first Zero blog posts. In fact that feels great to be able to stick with my original plan even though the main character is quite different. I will have to change some details to give things a more cartonish touch of course but that is mostly about visuals.

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