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I have a few preview images to show you my progress with the implementation of my design for the website refresh. Enjoy.








Here's a new version of the view image page. It's pretty bold. The image stretches to its max dimensions, and a dark background is shown beyond that.




Working with a dark background for the video and gallery pages, and it feels pretty natural. Information pages with lots of text use the light theme, while image-heavy artsy sections use a dark theme so you can focus on the content.




This is close to finished:




Recommended Comments

For a gallery of images, it makes sense and makes it look a little more "gamey" / consumer oriented and less technical.


It seems that mobile compatibility is a big deal for SEO. Less than one percent of our site traffic comes from iOS, but Google is penalizing our ranking because of this.


I started experimenting with some responsive design and it's not that hard. CSS media queries make it fairly easy to change page behavior based on screen width. It's a pain, but I think I can make this work at any resolution.

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