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A few words about me



I started this blog to share my indie experience with all Leadwerks users. Also I will post here news about our current projects.


About RVL Games

My name is Raul Gogescu and I made RVL Games a year ago. Right now we are 5 guys and we all worked in gaming industry. Unfortunately our skills are not enough to create a full commercial game so we have to make contracts with other teams.


About RVL Hacker, our first game

With a friend of mine, which is also our web designer, we made the graphics and the story for our first game: RVL Hacker. We talked with Exosyphen Studios and they helped us with the programming part. Of course we payed them (a generous sum of money) for their work. We released our game in September last year and we are still on minus. I do not think we will make some money from this very soon anyway. :rolleyes:


Right now we are developing a game for the Casual market which will be sold through Big Fish Game portal. At least this is our target. I will tell you more about this in future posts.


BTW, you can become a fan of our FaceBook Page here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/RVL-Games/112666448755905 and win a free copy of RVL Hacker :rolleyes:


That's all for now,




Recommended Comments

Welcome Raul and thanks for the introduction. I'm currently playing RVL Hacker and enjoying it. I look forward to hearing more from you regarding your current and future developments. Is the casual game being developed using Leadwerks Engine ?

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No. The casual game is not made with Leadwerks. Leadwerks is too powerful to use it on a Casual Game :unsure:


But our 3rd project will be made with Leadwerks. I will talk about it later.

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Good luck with everything RVL and dont give up, and I am looking forward to seeing what your new game is all about.

I will also become a fan of your facebook page, because believe me I know,a little support can go a long way.....

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