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SplineTools update 1.04: wires



Now that the steam updating works again, the Spline Tools 1.04 package has been uploaded on Steam.

Update 1.04

  • This version contains some updated maps for Leadwerks 4.5. The moving platforms map unfortunately is not working properly and will have to be sorted out.
  • Wire splines added. 
    • Wire splines can be used for creating wires, cables or rope. By default, wires have no physics.
    • Physics can be added as static shapes by selecting the wire type. 
    • There is also an experimental dynamic wire type which creates joint for all rope segments. Doesn't work properly yet but is fun to play around with.
    • Wires require some more work, like attach multiple splines geometry but I didn't want to wait any longer.
  • Map added: "Wire - Electric poles.map". Demonstrates wire splines with no physics and static physics.
  • Map added: "Wire - Tireswing.map". Demonstrates the experimental dynamic splines that uses joints for movable wires. 


Todo list

  • Reversed spline travel for spline followers 
  • Ease in and out for spline followers 
  • Rivers
  • Improving the ropes




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Recommended Comments

That's great! You almost have recreated the "physic wires" of Hammer there! It's a feature I'm missing a lot. Could it work with a chain texture?


The only big downside is that Leadwerks cannot run a script segment in edit mode that would show you what you're doing. 

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On 1/14/2018 at 6:24 PM, Christian Clavet said:

Could it work with a chain texture?

The only big downside is that Leadwerks cannot run a script segment in edit mode that would show you what you're doing. 

Yeah', I can;t wait for the Leadwerks 5 plugins, were I could just have a wire edit mode, click in your scene and instantly see your wire or road created. For now we will have to make do with what we got.

You could try set the amount of sides to 2, and for the material you could use tileable chains with transparency. I am not sure whether this would all perfectly align. Multiple splines won't entirely connect yet. Let me know how that goes, maybe it is something that can be added to the todo list.

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