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How CLion saved 2 months of work



Having a good set of tools is highly important. Just ask any mechanic. A good set of tools can save you a ton of time, just to prove this, try changing a water pump with a crescent wrench.

The back story...
There is some sort of issue with my project in GIT from the windows perspective in which it doesn't let me add source files to GIT without using the -f option. The last few months of development I haven't been creating "new" things, just working on content. This means that my new changes didn't make it into my version control

I just recently switched to linux as my main OS. I got tired of the instability with windows. With this I started converting my Visual Studio project in to a CMake project, since that's what CLion supports.

While working on a CMake file I wanted to test a compile change, so I decided to "make clean".

Well some how "make clean" removed all my source files.

Since I forgot to add a few source files to my GIT repo manually (the stuff I have been working on for the last 2 months), I was in panic mode. Researching tools in Linux to undelete a file was also difficult.

CLion to the rescue!

Luckily I started up CLion on my project as I use the Jetbrains Suite at work, I figured I should also try it at home. CLion maintained its own local history of my project. With a few clicks of the mouse I could go back and undo the delete.

So for any of you making games in a commercial sense, maybe $650 for a good IDE is a small price to pay for saving your *** some day

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I'm using GIT for source control and ownCloud for syncing assets.

I don't version any assets unfortunately.

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OwnCloud does versioning on its own! In the web interface you can right click the corresponding file and choose to view previous versions

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@Ma-Shell I have a sync ignore on source code so that other developers can work on development at the same time. So I use ownCloud to only sync resources.

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