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Leadwerks Enterprise Edition Updated



The standalone enterprise edition has been updated to the now-stable version 4.5. The new installer is available in the client area when you are logged into your Leadwerks account on our website.


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The actual download link is missing in Chrome/MS Edge/IExplorer:

When you go to your profile->Store->Purchases->Manage->Enterprise Edition you get the following:

Product Information

Thank you for your purchase.  Your download is below. The password for the installer is --8<--[CUT FOR OBVIOUSNESS]--8<--


The password is present but there is no link for the installer to be found.


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I did not realize I have to actually add a link for an attachment to appear. I thought it just was automatically shown. It's visible now, sorry about that.

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No apology necessary.  Trying to be helpful was all.  I'll leave you be to more important stuff.  :)

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