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Revisiting Border Recon



Ok I'm finally done with my obligations to my University as a student. Now it's time to come back to game dev and finish up (hopefully) the Border Recon development. 

While I was busy in University, I did do a bit of work on the game here and there. I added a spectator feature that allows the players to spectate others in free mode and third person while waiting to respawn after dying. Pretty cool.

Also, I think some of us have seen the earlier changes with the style of the graphics... I changed the style of the graphics from HQ to just flat pastel colours resulting in a cartoony look in-game. I like it... requires less work on the level design details and it actually looks quite nice.

Another thing that's cool coming in the next version: soundtracks! I found this cool soundtrack from gamedevmarket website and I think it fits perfectly to the game's theme. I'm going to work on that so I can add a bit of music to the game.

Link to the soundtrack here: https://www.gamedevmarket.net/asset/brass-attacks/

Also, I'm working on the muzzle flash feature for the weapons, it's half done now and it looks kick ***.

Screenshots coming soon!

Thanks for reading folks!




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Here's a site that I like to browse for game music. It's got buckets of 'free' music to choose from with varying degrees of copyright licenses - from Royalty Free and up. It's also not organized very well so it might be a little bit of challenge to find what you need.


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