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We made it, yes, sorry for this delay, but we had big problems with uploading. Now you can download demo here: 

Hope you'll like it 😃 We have come a really big way of development to finally present this to you. Thanks, and join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/ZT9EU65

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Hey I played through the demo and I must say it is fun and well-done game.

Let me tell you some suggestions, please don't see this as bad criticism, thx.

Things I would improve:

- I could not go through the jump.. Whatever I tryied, I died.

- Your options menu is excellent, a publication of this (maybe sell it ?) would save me (and others) many time, keys remapping is excellent.

Something here to improve is maybe the key alignment:


- Fullscreen does not run (I could not find how...)

- Shooting of those people before the cinematic runs makes a game crash:



Sorry if I spoiled. Good luck

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