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We made it, yes, sorry for this delay, but we had big problems with uploading. Now you can download demo here: 

Hope you'll like it 😃 We have come a really big way of development to finally present this to you. Thanks, and join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/ZT9EU65

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Hey I played through the demo and I must say it is fun and well-done game.

Let me tell you some suggestions, please don't see this as bad criticism, thx.

Things I would improve:

- I could not go through the jump.. Whatever I tryied, I died.

- Your options menu is excellent, a publication of this (maybe sell it ?) would save me (and others) many time, keys remapping is excellent.

Something here to improve is maybe the key alignment:


- Fullscreen does not run (I could not find how...)

- Shooting of those people before the cinematic runs makes a game crash:



Sorry if I spoiled. Good luck

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Sorry that I was late for two weeks with my answer, I was busy developing the game.

About the jump at the end: demo should end with with player dying, since I haven't completed this scene at that moment. We'll fix this in a huge patch.
Also, about all the other problems that you discovered: we have already fixed them in current dev build. Huge patch will be released in a few days. But about fullscreen: it's still problem for many players, because this is an engine bug. We are considering some ways to fix this, but unfortunately not have positive results for now.
When we finish developing in about six months, we're gonna release BETTR in Steam. We'll open all the source codes so that people can make mods on our game. There will also be a separate project called "Project G.L.U.E." (Global Leadwerks Universal Extention) - this will be a commersial version of our set of Leadwerks improvements, which will require pre-purchased Luawerks. Project G.L.U.E. will cost only two dollars, I think.

Thanks for your feedback!


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