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Discord Server Deleted



Offloading community activity onto Discord does not benefit our community, nor does it further my goal of responsibly obtaining a Lamborghini Huracan (white with orangish leather interior, MSRP $199,000). Therefore I have deleted our Discord server. Please post on our forum here, and if I can do anything to improve the community experience, please let me know.

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Please do something about the project pages. The forum looks dead until you start browsing the Project posts. I understand you need to be apart of the project to see notifications, but it would be cool to have something to be like "Hey, everyone is chatting about this project" on the main page. You shouldn't have to dig to find were everyone is at. 

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I don't have any way of displaying recent topics, but I can do a list of projects ordered by recent activity.

Discord was stealing traffic from us and giving us nothing in return. I do not like this expectation in the tech industry that everyone has to pay tribute to whichever monopoly Silicon Valley is propping up at the moment. I actually like the app, but what do I owe them to give over part of our community to them?

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Ok, anything is better than nothing. If some comes by and starts seeing week old posts, they'll assume the community is inactive. 

No, I understand your reasoning. One thing it has over forums tho is it can be used for quick back and forth discussions. The site supports direct chat, maybe support chatrooms? It would also be cool to get voice chat so we don't have to rely on Google for the Hangouts.

You should just take what people liked about the discord app and find a way to merge those features on your site. 

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I guess what's going on is this:

We have these sort of alliances with many different companies. Social media, payment processors, and storefronts all form a user acquisition funnel.

Technology is going through a lot of fragmentation right now. A few years ago it was okay to just put our software on Steam and let that be it. Nowadays we want to be as self-sufficient as possible, and spread our tentacles into as many places as possible, when it benefits us. Selling Steam keys on the Humble Store is just the beginning of that. The key is to avoid being hurt by an algorithm change or a stupid decision (hur-dur let's put all the games on Steam!) The next software product will be available in all digital stores, but our own website is going to be the main point of sale.

Things seem quiet right now, but it's about to get a lot busier. We have a new technology a lot of people are going to want. I've also penetrated into the aerospace industry and found money that was basically being left on the table. Once the public really gets wind of this, a lot of these companies are going to come knocking on my door, pretending they're our best friend. They are not. I do not want 30% of our new users to be funneled into Discord instead of this site. We need to evaluate each of these relationships with extreme prejudice and either make demands or sever relationships when they aren't doing enough for us.

All of this was done with no investors. This puts me in a position where I am beholden to no one, and I can demand as much as the value of our technology justifies. And I have hand-picked two excellent henchmen who are ready for a fight, and it will be very fun. We're in the right place at the right time with a hot technology, an existing user base, and no liability (we are not required to make a 10x return on investments or go out of business). This is a very strong position to be in. I am going to act accordingly.

So that's the mindset I am coming from when I make these decisions. Prepare for battle.

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It's always a balancing act of trying to give as much to your customers as you can but not spread yourself or the community too thin.  If you give people 100 different places to be, they'll be in 100 different places.  Pick 2 or 3 giants and stick with them but adapt if needed.  (This is also a balance between being consistent and reliable versus adapting as things change.)  I don't care so much about Discord coming or going as much as you keeping an eye on what does and doesn't work for you and the community.

This does not, by the way, stop anyone else from hosting an unofficial Leadwerks Discord group.

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It looks like CometChat has moved to a subscription model. It is very similar to Discord now.

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