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Discord Server is Back!



After using it for a few weeks, I previously deleted our Discord server for the following reasons:

  • Community activity was being taken from our site to Discord.
  • They weren't really providing anything of value.

There have been some problems with our Cometchat integration lately. I have noticed new messages are not popping up like they should, and selecting the link to view a user's profile does not work. So I set to fixing these issues.

Upgrading CometChat to the latest version my account has access to did not solve these issues, and it introduced a new problem where the chat bar was not being hidden when the user logs out.

The company has changed their pricing to a much more expensive subscription plan. With minimum features I would be paying $50 monthly, and I still don't know if these issues are fixed in the latest version.

More expensive versions also support audio and video chat, but in the last when I have tried these they have always been dodgy. In order to add support for these additional features, which I don't know have improved, it would cost $99/mo. total.

At this point I decided that Discord is in fact providing a valuable service for us and I am going to rely on it from now on. Our built-in chat system is now disabled and I encourage you to join me on Discord. This time it is here to stay:



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To clarify, links in discord will expire after 24 hours unless you flag them to "not expire" or set their limit to unlimited.

The link says it's invalid/expired.  I was asking you to make a new one and make sure it never expires? ;)

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