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Workshop car 4.6 - New update: Customizable



Workshop car "Turbo car for Le 4.6 free" - Uploaded in the Workshop

Better optimization for the workshop car released. And possibility to custom the car, feel the difference of the configuration when driving.

For Le 4.6. with world:update(4) added to the main script 

Here is a demo video about the new optimization:


Here are the properties that allow to change the car:



- The Drive Factor makes the car drive feeling more or less heavy: With a value of 5 it will feel heavy, and it becomes much lighter using a value of 25 for example

- The car mass can be changed: Range about 50-200.

- The Tires mass can be changed: Range about 5-20.

- The motor speed will change the car too:Range about 5000 - 50000.

- The brake force has an impact on the time the car will need to be stopped

- The springs force value determine how the car bounces on the tires: Range about 500-10000, depending on other values.

Enjoy trying it !






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