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Despite the obstacles you continue with this, a challenge of making a video game, and on the basis of this come a number of questions. Why do you do it?, What do I get from this?, the truth is nothing, nothing matters, for some reason with the passage of time, I've noticed and I think I've already said it once, this is a hobby, that if it ends in something, it would be great, but if it doesn't, everything is fine.

The inconveniences at the moment, the ban of the steam account, I think it was really frightening, but without more scares, it was solved.  On the other hand it happens that I do not speak English, and I have to use this translator, so if I look at the documentation I face all kinds of challenges, translate, and try to understand correctly what is transmitted in another language, this usually leads to mental exhaustion, because I have to prove by error what I want to learn based on examples.  But at the moment this seems to be going well.

The kick

The last 24 hours I've been trying to get the player to kick a box, and in the end, thanks to users of this community I learned new things, looking for bones in a mesh and the most important thing to understand how a ray works, but the great thing is that the player already kicks on a box and it goes in the direction of the angle of look of the player's mesh. ( thank you Josh ).  On the other hand come more challenges, carry a box, drop it elsewhere, I guess that would be another real problem, but we are willing to try.  

Hard disk to the maximum

This is another mess I've had, the computer in windows 10 throwing the hard drive to 100% did not let anything do the pc, so I touch restore it, but this has been fixed. 

What's next?

The carrying of the box, that's what I have to think, I think it will be easier than the kick, but I can not underestimate this, it will be another big mess and I have to be prepared. 

It is obvious that over the years I have acquired some knowledge, but the truth is that there are many shortcomings and many other things to learn, but the important thing is to continue, and as a certain user said, "Do not give up.



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