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Making a game is really complex. With the years since 2007 when I started on the subject of creating a video game, I have gone through all kinds of prototypes to imagine, creating menus, how to create a button, understand concepts, create radgoll, all this started with Blitz3D, going through bmx, unity, torque, cry engine, neoaxis and arriving at the best tool that fits my computing power with very good graphics, Motor Leadwerks. 

So in these days after reading a book on how to create indie games, I'm focused on doing something, starting from the fact that everything goes by parts, and if it has worked. Using tables, I have the most organized script and I'm not so much focused on learning things, but on trying to create something interesting.  It should be noted that although I have great ideas, but after being on public transport for almost four hours, those great ideas fade away when I get home and are replaced by basic necessities of life, but the idea is to continue, possibly never achieve anything, or possibly if, no one knows for sure. 

About the project, I haven't been able to get out of version 0.0, this implies that the whole script has been rewritten and that thanks to that I'm using tables, focused on object programming. This allows to have everything more organized, and like a wall that is built of smaller blocks I go step by step.

At the moment, the workflow is more orderly, making backups and packing the project with encrypted resources with my own password I have everything a little more under control the situation.






On the other hand, I have tried to move to the c++ side, that gives me more credibility of being a programmer, however, the compilation times are really very long, that very demotivating, and I do not know with certainty to which factor this is due, if to my old machine or to another factor that I do not know. 

Now, the idea of the project is to keep everything as simple as possible, evidently I can not do everything, and get involved in a single topic of modeling, programming, editor levels, can be very exhausting, so everything has to be kept simple.

This happens because I grew up in this of games having reference to games from 2005 onwards, 3d, realistic, but a game may not have great effects and will continue to be a game that some people might like. This is hard for me to accept as I always want to focus on details simulating AAA games, but everything simple, everything simple, that's the key.

About my website, https://www.iris3dgames.xyz, I have had the opportunity to feedback certain things learned with Leadwerks, and having a paid hosting, although it is very cheap in some ways is a motivation and a nightmare, because any expense is expense even if it is little in the world in which I live. 

So not being more, let's hope to see in that for all this.

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I wouldn't worry about the C++ side of things. I started with C++ in leadwerks and loved it, but over the years have really embraced Lua's flexibility! Nobody cares what your game is programmed with so it really comes down to game speed and productivity. If your game can run just fine with Lua then Lua is the way to go for productivity and flexibility honestly.

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