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Early Z-Pass in Vulkan



Vulkan is pretty wonderful because I can take all the optimal techniques I worked out in OpenGL and it just makes everything much faster. I've successfully completed the implementation of early Z-pass, which is important for our lighting system. We are using a forward clustered renderer, similar to the technique id Software's new DOOM games use. Because the fragment shader is fairly intensive, a depth pre-pass is rendered to ensure we only process each screen pixel once.


This technique also easily supports transparency with multiple layers of shadows.


Vulkan has a feature called subpasses specifically designed for this type of functionality. It's really fantastic to have this kind of fine control over the hardware, even if it does involved some pretty convoluted code.

You can read more about this rendering technique below.


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Really cool. I have some assets that I'm working on in which I can't wait to use in Turbo. 🙂

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