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Turbo Game Engine (Leadwerks 5) beta updated



An update for the beta of the new engine is now available with the following changes:

  • GLTF loader is now working for most models. A large collection of GLTF files are available online for free from many sources, and they can be loaded right into the engine without any adjustment for materials or textures. Single-file GLB files also work.
  • Added support for GLTF extension KHR_materials_pbrSpecularGlossiness.
  • Disabled PNG loader gamma correction.
  • world->SetSkybox(texture) can now be used to make PBR reflections appear. (The sky will not yet be visible though.) I'm going to try to use a voxel GI system for further reflections, and not use environment probes at all.
  • Window::GetWidth(), Window::GetHeight(), Context::GetWidth(), and Context::GetHeight() are removed. Use GetSize() instead. It will return an iVec2 object with x and y components.
  • JSON material files are changed slightly. in order to accommodate additional per-texture settings. None of these work yet, but you can see where it is going:
    	"file": "./Rough-rockface1_Base_Color.jpg",
    	"filter": "linear",
    	"tilingU": "repeat",
    	"tilingV": "repeat"

    So before if you had this:

    "albedoMap": "./Rough-rockface1_Base_Color.jpg"

    Just change it to this:

    "albedoMap": {"file": "./Rough-rockface1_Base_Color.jpg"}

    And then it will work.

The screenshot below is a GLTF loaded and rendered with Vulkan. Note that this model uses baked lighting that is already included in the model. But the fact I can download these things and have them appear correctly with no adjustments is great.


You can get access to the beta and private forum right now for just $5.

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